Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, April 27, 2015

I Already Know - Week 37

Tommy is going to be baptized the 2nd of May and guess what... that is his birthday as well!!  He said to his Mom, "Mom the 2nd  we can’t have a party with friends because I am going to be baptized!" What a champ right.  I loved that and I am so excited for him and his family:)  

Tommy is such an amazing kid and such a great example to his family!

We all went to the temple open house together which was amazing!!  

   The temple really is a house of God and is ordained of Him, He can be inside the temples and the spirit is so so so strong in a temple of God.  I know that temples are needed and such a blessing to us. 

I encourage all of you to look up the temple of Cordoba to see inside and see the beauty of it all.  That spirit testifies to the hearts of all and testifies to the things that are of God.  That is how i know without a doubt that this is the church of God! 

  Cordoba Temple Open House

Beautiful sky from the roof of our pension

Monday, April 20, 2015

Salvation was Never a Cheap Experience - Week 36

I have been thinking so much about Salvation lately on the mission and I realized that if we didn't need to have works and try our best salvation wouldn't mean a thing.  Its like a car.  You would care much more for your car or whatever possession you have if you worked to get it.  If it is just given it doesn't mean anything.  Although we can't be saved without the Atonement of Jesus Christ we need to put in our own work so that one day we can all live together with our Father!  There is nothing of value that comes without working!  I know that is true!  May we all work and endure to the end and be with our families forever! 

José did get baptized and confirmed finally!!  It was a beautiful baptism and the spirit was very strong.  The thing is he makes pizza dough or pre pizza for the shops here and he got 20 orders of 12 that day which is a ton of work and wanted to move the baptism.  We knew that the baptism was more important and managed to talk him into the baptism.  Well, he came and we performed the baptism!  I have never seen him so happy and then he ended up getting all 20 of the orders out that night at about 3 in the morning but he did it!!  What a blessing it is to follow the Lord and how he will bless us if we do!  

More of Carlos Paz and P-Day

Daniel and Elder Toledo 

It's a jungle out there....

The Zone Flying High!

Transfers ended so we are now here again for 6 more weeks and we have so much to do but we are super excited.  I have a new district leader and new zone leader as well so excited to work with them and see how things go!  

Monday, April 13, 2015

I've Got Your Back - Week 35

.......the title is meant to make us think of the Army of Helaman and having friends that will always stand by us, that have strong testimonies that they can stand.  In the end they all received wounds but none of them perished.  It is the same with us in our life, we have trials and need a testimony.  Along with that we need friends that stand at our sides with testimonies that protect our backs from the enemy, or the temptations, perils and problems that we face everyday.  May we look for the friends that will support us in all of this and be the friend that is always there to help!

I've got Your Back!

P-Day at a place called Villa Carlos Paz

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the entire Province of Cordoba.

Lake San Roque

Almost like the house boat at Lake Powell....

Hill Air Force Base, But not!

Pretty sure you could ski on this glass!

A perfect place to canoe, swim, sail, and windsurf...
unless you're a missionary.

George of the Jungle?

Have that feeling you're being watched...

A great day to spend with friends.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference and Easter - Doesn't Get any Better! - Week 34

In Conference I loved a talk about how we can teach someone to dance but they have to hear the music.  Two of the most important things in my pre-mission life were music and dancing and I realized how true it was.  If you cant follow the beat and go with the music, dancing has no meaning and is worthless.  It is the same with the gospel.  We can teach our kids, friends about the gospel, ordinances, and all the beautiful things that it brings but if they don't have a firm testimony of their own they cant "hear the music" or move forward. All of us will have trials that will test us and in that moment living on the faith of others will not be enough.  This testimony comes from prayer, study- not just reading, and humility.  If you don't know something focus on what you do know.  Do you feel happy, do you believe, do you want to know!  Gain a testimony and continue learning more everyday and Dance!!!.  

Two of the most important things in my pre-mission life were music and dancing. 
Can you hear the music!


With Elder Price - He returns to Utah in two weeks

Book of Mormon in Portuguese 

Look mom, you can brush your teeth and shower all at the same time!

Home sweet home (pension)

Clearly not my area....

Temple dedication cards

On the Bus with Elder Wood

Church of Saint Jorge 

By a rock

With the Zone

In the  Zone

Zoned Out

Waiting for the bus

The wheels on the bus go round and round...