Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, November 17, 2014

Asado! (Week 14)

Asado is meat from pigs, cow, sausage, whatever and is grilled outside on a fire!  It is the most delicious thing that I have ever tasted yet in Argentina and I hope to eat it again soon.  The missionaries always talk about Asado but I didn’t know what it was, but the wait...vila la pena...it was worth it!

Finally on Sunday we ate Asado

Beautiful Day! Almost looks like  Utah.

Love this Weather

A little Drop of Rain can hardly hurt me now!

...I found a keyboard!  I was so happy and excited and I loved it,
got to mess around and play for a little bit!  

Looks like the cooking merit badge payed off...

Luciano...he is so silly and goofy!!
9 years old and he is always laughing and he kills me seriously!  

Monday, November 10, 2014

BLOOD!!! (week 13)

Last week the rain was a beautiful thing, but Elder Aquino told me, this is the only time that it will rain all year.  I hoped that wasn't true but I am beginning to believe him now.  It was 43 grados the other day.  For you Utahns that is over 110 degrees!  Haha, that is hot but it is only spring.  It can get as hot as 55 grados which is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. I have begun to truly experience the power of La Rioja and as Elder Aquino says, "I hate you big yellow ball in the sky!" Highlight of the week - We had the privilege of teaching the Restoration through Joseph Smith, to a woman with her 2 youngest girls ages 11, and 5. The 5 year old is seriously the cutest little girl and one of my little buddies!  I used the picture book that Scotty told me to buy and the lesson was so powerful.  We ended singing Soy un Hijo de Dios, or I am a child of God and we walked out all feeling edified by the Spirit.

Things are good in La Rioja!

“I hate you big yellow ball in the sky!”. 

No Bikes, leaves us walking 20 km per day. 

110 degrees is hot but it is only spring.  It can get as hot as 55 grados which is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  My nose has started bleeding like that of a fountain 5 times in the past 3 days.

the Family Ramos, the girl is serving in Chile right now and Hermano Ramos with the glasses is like Kim just  Latino!!

We met at Elder and Sister Tanner’s home to eat, party and learn of transfers.  
I luckily am with all of my elders for another transfer!  I am beginning to love these people more and more and the thought of leaving is starting to hurt..good thing I have 20 more months to make the most of it! 

All work and no play....

Monday, November 3, 2014

Preaching in the Rain.....LOVE IT!!! ( Week 12)

This week was a blessing beyond a blessing!  It rained lightly for 3 days in La Rioja so we had to wear sweaters and everything!!  It was awesome and I was so happy that it was nice and cool outside instead of 110!   So it was a beautiful week! I am super excited for this transfer, I luckily am with all of my elders for another transfer!  I love it !  A few of my goals are to Be brave, Humble, Repent Daily, and always when things are tough, Remember Him.

There are stray dogs...EVERYWHERE!!!  Literally everywhere, 
I swear if you don´t see at least 100 stray dogs in a day, than something is wrong.

Also cars, they are here but Motos or motorcycles are much more used in this country.  
I see at least 500 motos a day and that is not an exaggeration. 

Earlier in the week I had my first haircut in Argentina, so that was pretty fun I guess....
but at least my head is cooler without all my hair!  

Love this weather!

I had to go to Cordoba Thursday night at midnight with two other elders, Elder West and 
Elder Bingham to go work on our visas.  It is a 6 hour red eye Bus ride and hard to sleep but we made it there and stood in the wrong line for almost an hour.  We got to talk to a man for almost that entire time about the gospel. Then the secretaries found us and we went to work on office stuff.  

There in the office I saw all my elders from the MTC!!  It was so wonderful to see them again and to spend some time talking with them. and sharing all our crazy stories!! 

 I also met some other missionaries named Elder Tukuafa, friend of Jesse Cowden and Elder Logan Nelson who went to Olympus.  Elder David West went to Alta, and Elder Parker Bingham lives in Provo so I have a bunch of buddies that live really close!

After visa work we hung out at the apartment of the office workers and studies and ate! It was really great, took pictures on their roof of the temple and everything.  Then later that night we took another bus for 6 hours home, so basically 2 days without sleep but hey its fine.
Well, esta iglesia es verdadera, José Smith fue un profeta de Dios, Tomas S Monson es el profeta hoy, y yo sé que Jesucristo es mi Salvador, Redentor, y mejor amigo.  Me encanta sirviendo en La Argentina.  Les Amo much!!! Sinceramente, Elder George:)