Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, July 27, 2015

Who Are we Really? - Week 50

This week was a wonderful one in which Emanuel was baptized, and we got to celebrate José´s birthday party.  For Emanuel we had to fix the light in the baptismal font because it has been broken forever, but we didnt have a ladder to reach it so Elder Benton came up to me and said I have an idea but you have to agree to go along with it!  Haha, so I did, and it consisted of him standing on two chairs in the font and holding the table over his head, with it stretching over the wall of the baptismal font. Then I would stand on the table and fix the light...well it was crazy but it worked!  Haha, so we fixed the light and the baptism was beautiful.

Fixing the light in the baptismal font.  

We didnt have a ladder so we had to get a little creative!

...and then there was Light!

The baptism of Emanuel! 

Emanuel, Elder Benton and me. Happy Day!!!

After the baptism, the birthday of José 44! 
We ate the foot of the cow which is basically roast beef!  It is so so good!

Me with Elder Mendoza from Mexico he reminds me much
of my good buddy Paul Johnston that is serving in brazil! 
Love you buddy Paul1!

Lifting José up with only our fingers! 
He was a little afraid that we might drop him!!  Hahah

Happy Birthday José!

Some walls in the other area of my elders. 
I liked them a lot looking at them all!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Scouts prepares boys for Missions:) - Week 49

Scouts does prepare every young man physically and mentally for the mission.  To trust in a companion, to work hard, and push yourself to your limits and always leave a place better than you found it.  I love scouting, and I love mission work!
Love Elder George

We contacted someone that lived in salt lake and in California close to
Benton's home and to start the contact we asked about his plants. 

Plants with knitted owl band things!  Super awesome!

Well the best part was as we were walking away his two little kids
came running yelling Chicos!!  Eso es para ustedes!  Hahah,
so they gave us the plants.  How cool right:)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Parties, Dinners, and Baptisms....OH MY!!! - Week 48

First off, one night we went with our investigator Emanuel to eat at a peruvian restaurant with the other two elders in my district Elder Morocho from Peru and Elder Wright from Ohio, who just went home.  I ate something called Cebiche which is raw fish in lemon sauce and boy it was tasty.  So there is another weird thing that I have eaten....I think in the end I liked the cow head better:)  haha we will have to try that in the states sometime:)  We also ate some delicious milk pudding that had been cooked...man I will tell you that John Pettit must be loving the food from Peru because it is amazing!!

Our friend Emanuel took us to a Peruvian restaurant!  

Some of the food that we ate there!  Including fried octopus!!  

Elder Benton looking good.

This plate was mine!!  Looks pretty nasty right?  Well it was actually very tasty!!

With my Peruvian missionary, Elder Moracho!!  He helped me decide what to eat! I got some fish called cebiche covered in lemon and ate it all!!

Then came dessert!!  Fried milk pudding!  It was delicious as well!! 

At the baptism of Marilin and the other two are investigators of Agren and Riquelme

Selfies with the Loza families kids and Elder Benton!
We had a  wonderful church independence day barbeque!...it was delicious and I loved it!!  We got to be with the members and then they started Just Dance 4...I remember playing at home with Steph and Jake and loving it so it was tough to watch and not be able to play, but it was fine!  Fun to watch for a bit :)

They played just dance mom....and I couldn't play!!  

We went bowling!!!  That was the first time in forever!!

Didn't bring my bowling shoes..

Okay end of the transfer and I am lucky enough to stay for one more with my son Elder Benton!!  Super excited about that and also to be with Agren one more to see him die. (Go Home) They are two of my best buds !

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Spirit is our Greatest Ally - Week 47

It was a fantastic week here in Córdoba Chacabuco for Elder Benton and I.  We taught many many lessons and we have many progressing investigators right now. We look forward to baptisms closer to the end of this month.
What I have realized on my mission in the past time is that I am coming to know my Savior and that he really suffered for me personally.  I know that I am not perfect, but I sure am going to try my best to be better so that I can live with Him again because I Love Him.  Thanks to Him I have and can have everything if I choose to be humble and repent of my wrongs.  Remember that it is only upon the conditions of repentance that we may live with Him again.  So watch your thoughts and the things you say because those things will become your character.  Do not permit even the smallest impure thought to enter, kick it out.  I know that our thoughts edify us or destroy us.  Learn to recognize the spirit.  That is the best part of the mission.  Learning to listen and trust and act!  I believe that my life after the mission will be much better because I will have learned to listen and to trust so that I will know that my decisions in school and everything will be right!  I love you all, and I love the Lord.  This is His work I so testify!!  Elder George

Grido Night or night with Ice Cream!!!
We are all just killing it with the creamy delicious ice cream!!! 
Brain Freeze?
This is the cat that Elder Benton threw an orange at!!  
Hahah, he didnt like that very much:)