Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday, and Baptism - Week 46

   This week was so awesome for me here in Argentina.  Not only did I have a fantastic birthday on the 24th with lots of treats food, and friends but I also got a face treatment with frosting and cake when they threw my head in.  That sure was a surprise but hey it was really funny!!
   The highlight was Amanda's little sister Dayana decided to be baptized as well and I had the opportunity of performing the ordinance.  I was down in the water and she was up above saying, is it cold Elder...I would say no it is warm (which it was...mostly;)  then she asked again..Is it cold, no it is warm 3 times and then finally entered and said... Burr it is cold!!  But it was a beautiful event!

Matching sweaters for my birthday week!!  We sure look good right!

2 new ties that I bought at the mall!! I love the maze looking one, it is crazy!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!  I was singing that all day in the streets to Elder Benton.  Hahah!!

With the other two elders in my district that prepared everything!!  How cool are they.  Elder Wright from Ohio and Elder Morocho from Peru!  The best!

The food!!!  So yummy!!

They threw a party for me at the Loza Families home with pizza empanadas and cake and the family Lamas came and everything!!

With my nice and special birthday cake playing piano how special but little did I know that a suprise was coming quick....


 I guess throwing the birthday boy in the cake is a special tradition.

And these guys did nothing to save me....what dedication and love right;)

My Faithful Companion

With the families and the birthday card that they prepared!

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Some special pins from soccer teams and special treats!!

The card they made for me, and the baptism of Dayana, Amandas little sister!!

Elder Agren gave me some pop rocks and when I put them in my mouth I got super happy because of the sounds and everything.  So funny!!

The baptism of Dayana, Amanda's little sister!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Importance of Fathers - Week 45

Well yesterday was fathers day so I would like to dedicate my letter to fathers especially the father figures in my life.  I will never forget the video “Earthly Father, Heavenly Father“ and the quote in the end that says of all the titles given to Diety He has asked that we call Him Father.  What a title and responsibility to be a Father. 

I will never forget going on camp outs and making omelets in a baggy, sometimes with the bad bags and the egg passing through....or mountain man hash browns, hiking in the canyon, going to volleyball and seeing you play in a boot, eating cookies, swimming and dunking the Y/M, Rappelling and seeing you try it for the first time even though shaking brave and strong just so you could do it with your sons, laughing and crying together, playing catch in the front lawn and your patience because you had to go after the ball most of the time...hahah woops!  Going to the temple to do temple work, and serving in the same country.  Working on the house, destroying parts and banging with hammers...going shopping for YUGIOH cards, and seeing you at my ball games, and my performances in music and dance.  Wendys for dinner always you with a bit of chili and spicy nuggets, your stories from the mission and helping me to become strong and have a testimony and serve.  Coming home with spicy peppers and saying alright whose first to try? I see you exhausted in the chair, falling asleep and Kath saying, “Look Dad’s mouth is open… let’s feed him something.”  All these things are priceless memories that mean so much to me. 

The big group of them I remember with my father, and others with YMs leaders, Scout leaders, and Grandparents.  I love you Dad, and my father figures through the years.  I hope that one day I can be an example of faith, testimony and strength to YM as well. 

But may we never forget the Father of us all that truly does exist and wants us to be happy.  I love Him more than anything, and I know...truly I do that He exists and that He loves me and each of us.  I testify that this is His gospel and map to be happy, to be truly happy forever.  I love it and know it is true.  Love Elder George

Thanks Dad for playing catch on the front lawn and your patience
because you had to go after the ball most of the time...hahah woops! 
 I love you Dad
It sure is getting cold here! 
Lets warm up the pension with a lighter!!
Cooking at the Pension
Tasted pretty good actually...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Quitters never win, Winners never Quit!! - Week 44

We received a reference from the church named Emanuel and we called him set up an appointment and we met with him and he is awesome!  He was baptized 25 years ago, but the record we have found nothing so we might have to do it again.  He met with us in the church and said to me, George I am ready to start the road again and to do my best to stay on it.  The church caught my eye again and I want to be part of it.  I cant shake this desire and feeling in my heart so I know I am where I need to be and where Dios or God wants me to be!  Those words touched my heart, and made me think we don't know what we have until we lose it right!  ..

Trabajando en la casa de hermano primo, good thing I had practice from our home

Look Grandpa I'm still working with a hammer and chisel. 

We celebrated with pizza afterward!!

With my compy Elder Benton

Monday, June 8, 2015

EDGE - Week 43

I have my new companion fresh from the MTC named Elder Benton.  He is from Sacramento California and he is awesome!!  He wears the prettiest purple ties I have ever seen, and works hard to learn the language.  When we are contacting he doesn't let the language stop him but contacts with me. He really makes me want to be better and is very encouraging and a light for me:)  I think of the title EDGE which is from "Silver Moccasin."  As a trainer I am to follow this acronym that is Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable.  I, in the end, am to be the companion that helps him to know how the mission works and what he should do so that he can one day do it by himself.

My young son Elder Benton from outside Sacramento California!!  
He is so awesome, and even though he is learning to speak, 
that doesn’t stop him from contacting and doing the work!  
What a champ right!  I call him Campion or champion!!

In 2011 Daniel, Harrison and Dallin attended "Silver Moccasin"
a camp to train future leaders. They look so little :)

These were their Leaders/ Trainers.... Big John Pettit, on the right became one of
Daniel's best friends. John taught him the EDGE method which Dan quotes often

 in his mission emails. EDGE is an acronym - Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable. 

The Trainers goal was to make leaders out of the boys so they could be the ones to  explain, demonstrate, guide and enable the next group... notice John in the back, after teaching, he stood back and let Daniel teach the group. 

Seems just like what the trainers are doing in the mission field. 

Daniel came back with John the next year 2012 to be his assistant patrol guide.

2014 They all headed out on a new adventure to learn and train.... Love Scouting!

A package arrived from Gabe Endreks mom with candies and everything.  I went to the seventy of areas home and they had sent it with them to the country so it was awesome!!!  Also it had meet the mormons so I got to see that finally and it was AMAZING!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Future looks bright in Chacabuco - Week 42

Wow it still amazes me how fast the weeks fly by as I am working for the Lord!  Working here in the mission is always an amazing experience and there are always milagros or miracles every week!  I love this work and let me tell you a little about my week and everything that went on.  

Yeah that did happen.....a car crash on our way to dinner with our landowners.  It turns out, we were driving down the road and phew we just missed one car but
next thing we all yell Cuidado!  and BAM!!!  He crashed in the back of a parked
garbage truck...but 
don't worry nothing serious happened to any of us.

With our landowner and his kids

Last District Meeting 

Looking over the city of Córdoba

Karina finally got baptized!! 
These are all pictures of her big family of members
that were all crying and super happy! 

I had the privilege of baptizing Karina so that was truly a wonderful experience.  
She feels so happy and we are really focusing on strengthening her own 
testimony so that she is strong when the trials come.

The baptism was beautiful with all of her family members, that are all members, 
there to support her and share their testimonies. 

Us with Rosita, a little abuela that was bapitzed in February, she is so funny and loves the missionaries!  She loves to scream and shout and I love her!  Stephanie will be like Rosa when she is old, 

With the Lamas Family after Karinas baptism.  Sad to say goodbye to Elder Toledo!

These two young gals are Giselle and Vilma, Giselle is prepping for 
a mission and Vilma served a mission and has been home 4 months.  
They help us a ton with our work here!!