Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, June 1, 2015

Future looks bright in Chacabuco - Week 42

Wow it still amazes me how fast the weeks fly by as I am working for the Lord!  Working here in the mission is always an amazing experience and there are always milagros or miracles every week!  I love this work and let me tell you a little about my week and everything that went on.  

Yeah that did happen.....a car crash on our way to dinner with our landowners.  It turns out, we were driving down the road and phew we just missed one car but
next thing we all yell Cuidado!  and BAM!!!  He crashed in the back of a parked
garbage truck...but 
don't worry nothing serious happened to any of us.

With our landowner and his kids

Last District Meeting 

Looking over the city of Córdoba

Karina finally got baptized!! 
These are all pictures of her big family of members
that were all crying and super happy! 

I had the privilege of baptizing Karina so that was truly a wonderful experience.  
She feels so happy and we are really focusing on strengthening her own 
testimony so that she is strong when the trials come.

The baptism was beautiful with all of her family members, that are all members, 
there to support her and share their testimonies. 

Us with Rosita, a little abuela that was bapitzed in February, she is so funny and loves the missionaries!  She loves to scream and shout and I love her!  Stephanie will be like Rosa when she is old, 

With the Lamas Family after Karinas baptism.  Sad to say goodbye to Elder Toledo!

These two young gals are Giselle and Vilma, Giselle is prepping for 
a mission and Vilma served a mission and has been home 4 months.  
They help us a ton with our work here!!

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