Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dogs.....again!!! And Baptism! - Week 80

Dogs and Baptisms always seem to go together don’t they!!  I don’t really know why, but hey that is fine.  The story is pretty crazy this time.  We were walking back to the pension late one night and it was pretty dark, I stepped in front of a house that we always pass and didn’t touch down on hard ground, but rather a lumpy round and hairy surface!!  A big old dog!!  Well I was flung forward and hit the ground hard, ripping the sleeves of my shirt...lucky it was one of Eastman’s that he left;)  thanks bud!  and my glasses hit the deck as well.  I lay there helpless while Chapple just watched and worried that the dog would come at me and bite my leg off!!  I was really worried but the dog ran away and Chapple laughed...and I was hurt..but anyway got away without getting killed.  Haha funny thing is that Sister Alliaud, our Presidents wife, sent out a letter that said to not bother dogs to not get bit....looks like I failed at that!:)

Our little baptism, Valentina!!  She was baptized this last Sunday and her entire family came.

  Us with Valentina and her family. Nick Palacios, is a member of the ward,
a priest, and it was his first time baptizing someone. 
I have never seen anyone so happy as him with that opportunity!!

Sister Swan left me her frisbee, Ultimate for days!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sacrifice and give it your whole heart - Week 79

A little more about my buddy Chapple.  He has one more transfer than me in the mission so around 19 months and he was the ZL of the same MTC district right before I got there.  We had the same MTC district president, the same teachers, and I heard a lot about him before I even got to the field.  I would say hey, maybe one day we will be comps!

And here we are as ZLs in Zona SUR working hard together!!  

Elder Chapple was part of mens choir at BYU before the mission and this last Sunday, he sang, I am trying to be like Jesus and gave his testimony.  His voice is incredible and truly the spirit came as he sang to our congregation!!  He is a wonderful Elder with so much energy and life and desire to do what is right. 

Our Zone

All work and no play.....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bring Him Home - Week 78

Our Gringo pension continues on, and we continue to kill cockroaches and to bathe ourselves with cold water, seeing as we don't have gas.  It sure is fun trying to bathe in the morning when you can only handle one arm or a leg at a time.  It is really cold, but hey y'all need to be grateful for your many blessings, one being warm water.

Sending Elder Eastman home with Elders Harward and Huebsch 

Good luck big guy!!  

What a fast week it has been as I finished my time with Elder Eastman and sent him to return to the world and continue doing wonderful things there.  You only know you love people when you say goodbye, that is how it is with the family and especially companions.  I already miss him and wish him the best. (At Eastman's Homecoming) 

I am also very excited for a new companion named Elder Chapple from Newbury Park, California.  He is an awesome missionary very humble, very spiritual, and with lots of desires to help the people and to baptize and doI have a feeling we will get along just great!  

Monday, February 1, 2016

Temple Sealings, Baptisms, Dog Brains and Much More - Week 77

The most beautiful part of this week was the sealings of my families Luna and Florez!!  I can not describe the happy feeling that one has when they see a family that they have taught, participated in their baptism, and cried with, worked so hard to help keep them going and enduring, be sealed for time and all eternity in the temple.  I can definitely say that many tears were shed and I testify that I now know that truly families can be together forever!  I know that is true!!  I look forward to being with my family forever!  I love you fam!  Love Elder George

The Family Luna Dad José, Mom Romina
kids from oldest to youngest Leandro, Josefina, Lisandro.

Now the Fam Florez Dad Rodrigo, Mom Yamina kids Bity,
Gabi, Lucas, Leum, Alejo, Donato and two more on the way!!

I am with the Fam Ramos that always fed me so well
when I was there in La Rioja.

Elders Eastman and George celebrating at the temple!

With my buddy

The pins that we made for the zone, they look pretty sweet on our suits!

Me with the boys after our baptism on the 31!!  

Here in Argentina while we walk down the road there are normally empty bottles, or rocks and we play a game.  Its like soccer and you try to pass objects through your companions legs without touching them...thus doing a canyo and gaining bragging points.  Anyway we had just finished an incredible appointment in the morning with our investigator and were walking back.  There just happened to be a dry dog skull on the dirt road and Eastman got the great idea, hey that sure would be great to canyo George with that baby.  Well lets just say that he kicked it and things didn't go as smoothly as he thought they would.  The skull hit me in the leg with the teeth and fell.  I thought that was it and kept walking laughing that I had blocked it, until I turned to see a surprised Eastman face.  He said, I am so sorry man pointing at my pants...hahah I looked down and the brain of the dog had splattered all over my pants!!  Of course he cleaned it off with the paper that I had in my bag, but it smelled horrendous!!  I dont even know if I spelled that word right:)  But it was pretty funny!  

We have had a lot of fun together Eastman and I.  Dog brains, sicknesses, laughing our heads off, everything.  I really love this Elder and I am sad that we only have one week left together because he is going home, but hey we live close and will be friends for a lifetime.