Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, February 22, 2016

Dogs.....again!!! And Baptism! - Week 80

Dogs and Baptisms always seem to go together don’t they!!  I don’t really know why, but hey that is fine.  The story is pretty crazy this time.  We were walking back to the pension late one night and it was pretty dark, I stepped in front of a house that we always pass and didn’t touch down on hard ground, but rather a lumpy round and hairy surface!!  A big old dog!!  Well I was flung forward and hit the ground hard, ripping the sleeves of my shirt...lucky it was one of Eastman’s that he left;)  thanks bud!  and my glasses hit the deck as well.  I lay there helpless while Chapple just watched and worried that the dog would come at me and bite my leg off!!  I was really worried but the dog ran away and Chapple laughed...and I was hurt..but anyway got away without getting killed.  Haha funny thing is that Sister Alliaud, our Presidents wife, sent out a letter that said to not bother dogs to not get bit....looks like I failed at that!:)

Our little baptism, Valentina!!  She was baptized this last Sunday and her entire family came.

  Us with Valentina and her family. Nick Palacios, is a member of the ward,
a priest, and it was his first time baptizing someone. 
I have never seen anyone so happy as him with that opportunity!!

Sister Swan left me her frisbee, Ultimate for days!!

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