Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year - Week 72

It was a beautiful week this week as the heat continues to come down stronger and stronger here, and the humidity continues to rise.  Hope you all had a wonderful white, and chilly Christmas.  I personally was here sweating but having lots of fun.
We ate an asado or huge BBQ for the 24th that we didn't even finish all the meat!  It was delicious and later we celebrated Christmas in the Argentine fashion with lots of fireworks and dogs barking, and all those fun things.  It truly was wonderful and I am going to miss having Christmas in a different country.
Then on the 25th I was able to speak with my awesome family.  It was great to here your voices and the funny sounds that you all made again.  I am so grateful to have parents, grandparents and siblings that we get along so well together and can help each other in all circumstances.  Thanks you for that.  It is still weird to me that Christmas happened and that this will be my last letter of 2015.  How fast the time flies la verdad.

On the 25th I was able to speak with my awesome family.

SKYPE! Best Christmas present!

Miss you Bud!

La Calera where we went for Christmas Eve to eat dinner

With Gabe Endreks aunt, Maria Montenegro in La Calera!!  

We ate an asado or huge BBQ for the 24th ! 

that we couldn't even finish all the meat

 Christmas Eve dinner

Present time!

I got a chicken!!!  Hahaha, how cool is that!!

A solar panel for Agreda!!

What could it be for Georgy?

An awesome tie from Ágreda to Eastman

An Argentine Christmas! 
We got on our special jerseys and took some fun pics!!
 Looks like we had a green screen in the back, but it was all real!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Road Trip to Tucuman!!! Feliz Navidad!! - Week 71

I love a quote by Elder Holland that says, However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you dont have, or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. Beautiful to think.

Notice the goose bump on his head, we were playing ultimate frisbee I stole it in the air and threw it long to Elder Coombs, he ran jumped and in zoned it, but he was so close that he hit his head on the wall and blood all over the place...
well at least we scored and won right!

On our trip to Tucuman which is another province in Argentina.  
We had to go for our visas. It is a 10 hour drive and we got there tired.

We then went to the Migration office and sat for a long time waiting,
all 30 missionaries that had gone.

Afterward we were able to have an awesome lunch and then look
around the city, 
Buy some things and rest up a bit. Later that night we ate
an Asado, or BBQ, and it was delicious!!

Us at dinner in Tucuman....ASADO! So so so good!!!  I loved it.

The cathedrals.  

There were four in total

Christmas on the streets of Tucuman

Seeing more Sites.

Then we got back to the hotel to sleep and well when we got in the elevator....
the power went out...haha so there we were 5 elders 
stuck in the elevator with nothing to do.  

We were in there for 5 minutes when I used my brute strength to open the door 
and save us....okay really the door just slid right open...haha 

Our Hotel was Really Nice!

and Really Really comfortable!!!

It was quite a trip, the truth with really good friends and food. The empanadas from Tucuman are delicious, seriously!!  Well then we had a bit more time to explore and see the sites, then we got back on the bus and came back to Córdoba.  We arrived Saturday morning at 5 and tired from the long trip and then we had to do the Transfer Report of the elders so we had basically no time to have a good day of work this week...but hey this week excited to work hard and have an awesome Christmas!! 

Our Entire Group for Christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rio Cuarto Christmas Choir - Week 70

We had the awesome chance to go to Rio Cuarto, a city south of Cordoba Capital to do the same choir program that we did last week. I went early with Elder Jimenez to fix up the microphones and everything to make sure that all would be well.  It is 3 to 4 hours the trip so we had scheduled some buses to take the rest of the elders and sisters that would give them lunch and everything.  But the buses didn't bring lunch, we had to work a long time to fix the microphones and then we got a call that one of the buses broke down with all the misssionarie....haha and it was still over an hour away.  The concert was supposed to start in an hour an a half.  Elder Jimenez and I werent doing too well with the nerves when people started showing up but thanks to the Lord, the other bus arrived...2 hours later but no one left.  They all stayed to watch and it was one of our best performances.  Dont worry when thing arent going how you want.  Do all in your power, ALL you can do, and let God do His part.  I am learning how to trust Him more every week.  I love Him, and all of you!  Elder George

That is Elder Chirolanza on the far left, Price, Barret, me, Swan, Dennis, and Westman

The Choir

The Elders' special number

At Christmas conference lunch!!

The food was delicious!!!

With my comp Elder Eastman

Me, President, and Eastman

With my entire group that came from the MTC

Some singers and all

Some of the talents from the show of talents

They were very creative!

Pres and Hermana

The office missionaries with the gifts and dancing!!  SO fun

 Feliz Navidad!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Praise to the Lord Almighty - Week 68 & Week 69

     Last week we had an interesting week and had to go to the hospital several times, and one night we were there until 3 in the morning because my companion had eaten some bad food, but he is doing much better now. This week was good, and we are both a lot healthier now and working hard. We had a few investigators in the meeting and also we finally had the Christmas choir performance, “Praise to the Lord”.  The entire chapel was filled to the very back and it was amazing. Elder Jimenez and I were in charge of the choir and it turned out great!!!  I saw some converts from Chacabuco like Flia Loza, and Karina and then some of my loved families from Alto Alberdi.  Truly it was amazing.  I love the music and I know that truly good music changes lives and are prayers to our Heavenly Father.
    More than that we did a few exchanges of companions to see how our Zone is doing, and they are doing very well.  Working hard and trying their best.  Our District Leaders are setting good examples which makes me very happy!

Look who I found in the concert!  Elder Bentonand the Loza Family from Alto Alberdi!....it had been so long and I had missed them so much!!  

President and Sister Alliaud

In all our practices we would split into voice parts, tenor, soprano, you know,
and I was in charge of the sopranos....so we just had to take a selfy afterwards!!!

This is Elder Nelson he sang two solos and is from Holladay Utah,
went to Olympus and I love this kid!!