Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Prophet Knows - Week 55

Now I am here in Alto Alberdi which is still in the capital of Córdoba, so it is basically all city. Even though it is significantly smaller than my last 2 areas, it is still quite large.  It is in the center of Córdoba, and there are shops in all places.  Awesome! My New companion is Elder Unch from Vernal Utah. He is a stud, and super neat and clean!! We are going to get along great. (Two Felixes and no Oscars... where is the fun in that?)

Well this week, my first in this area was energizing and very exciting.  Although we didn't have a map of the area, or a list of members to guide us, that sure didn't stop Elder Unck and I from getting out there and working to our fullest.  I love this ward, because it is the same ward where my dear friend Gabe Endrek lived as a child with his family, so meeting the members is so fun because they know him and his family.

I love this area, and this work and I thought strongly this week about how blessed we are to live in a time period in which the Lord has not left us without a prophet.  I know that today we have a prophet called of God to guide this world, Thomas S. Monson and if we follow his counsel which is truly counsel from our Father in Heaven, we will always be happy even when we have challenges. God calls normal men and edifies them for His glorious work.  This is His work, to guide others back to their Celestial Home.  What a privilege to be a part of it and to change myself and learn from it.  I love you all!  Elder George

Outside the pension, I know pretty nice right:)  We live behind an old seventy

New area with Elder Unck, super clean right!

Felix is right at home

Look Mom, Squeaky Clean! 

Super clean in the pesion, but we do have some neighbors little rolly polly potato bugs.

With my comp Elder Unck!! He sure is a cool cat isn't he!

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to do good when we are imperfect.....try! - Week 54

This week was a sad one but it was also a powerful week for me.  My time in Ward Chacabuco has come to an end and leaving was difficult.  Of course I am excited to go to a different area, but it is always hard to leave those that I had come to love so much.

Hugo and Susana, our two elderly investigators that are progressing so well love this gospel and when I said goodbye they got emotional and said thank you for your testimony and for the light you have brought into our lives.  That made me get emotional and I thought wow we just need to try our best and we can make a difference in someones life.  Really that is what the mission is all about and I love it!!  The mission is such a privilege and it changes the missionary even more than those that are taught.

I will sure miss elder Benton but I know that he will be okay and that he just needs to keep up the good work!  I love that elder and he taught me and helped me so much. Lastly I wanted to write something that affected me a lot, because in the mission many times we think that things are our fault and that even when we try our best nothing comes of it. Think of the Savior, He was the perfect missionary that did everything right and still many rejected him. His example strengthens me and I know that all we have to do, to do good is try. I testify of that. Love you all, Elder George  

Our yummy lunch that we made, or shredded chicken and 
garlic mashed potatoes, and meaty rice!

Our last district meeting 

and me with little Elder Fernandez!

Un Asado con la familia Sanchez!!  It would be our last!

More meat than you can eat!

I will sure miss elder Benton, 
I love that elder and he taught me and helped me so much.

Hugo and Susana, they cried when I gave my testimony, and gave me big hugs and kisses!  Love them, and he said that he had adopted a grandson:)

All Together
Saying goodbye, this is Cecilia Solleveld 
Saying goodbye to Dayana Córdoba our investigator that will be baptized soon
Gisel and Franco
the Flia Lamas
Saying goodbye to so many families that I have come to love.
While Elder Benton and Elder George were saying goodbye,
our families got the chance to say Hello!
He and his companion were ALWAYS doing some kind of "thumbs up" or "finger guns" in their pictures, so we thought this would be appropriate to send to them.

Love these Guys!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Little Things - Week 53

This week was truly a week of miracles and it was really fun as well.  Last Monday at night we had a family night with one of our investigators, Dayana and we made tacos, sang hymns and had a blast. She was so happy and loved the night.  She also loves the church and is reading more and thinking more about it. .....

Taco night with Dayana Córdoba, our investigator

Elders Benton and Agren on cooking detail...happy happy!

Homemade tortillas

We went with Gisel and Franco who are two young kids from the ward,
brother and sister and help a ton in the lessons.

Elder Benton is the Master Chef

Everyone was happy with tacos that night!

Dayana with us and the family night!

I had a stained shirt that no matter what we did it wouldnt come out, 
so we made it a jersey for me celebration of one year, 
and as is custom we burned it!

1 year in the field!!

With the crew in the pension to celebrate this historic event!

Just having some fun and chillin with our hats.  

Really we switched for the photos!  

Haha, love this elder!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

It all starts with who we want to be - Week 52

I love a quote from Forever Strong that says, I dont do, say, or think anything that would embarrass myself, my family, my team, my leaders, my Savior, or my Father.  Always remember that and always remember the Savior Jesus Christ.  He is here for us, we just need to accept his hand:)

Elder Argren heads home to Gunnison, Utah and we're all really going to miss him.

Sort of playing pool..

Bowling for the last time with Elder Agren and the crew!

With Elder Mendoza (reminds me of my bud Paul)

Zone conference lunch and meeting! Sad that I may only have 
2 more weeks with Elder Benton.  But we keep going and working hard.

Trying an Argentine drink - maté... 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A week by the bedside - Week 51

Haha, well before I fell very ill this week I was able to do a few things.  We were able to participate in a service project helping a woman in our area move which was fun and a good experience, and we also had an asado with The Flia Dorado, but I didnt feel to good by then so I didnt eat very much.
Dayana, so is progressing very well, as well as Cecilia I will have more info on them this week as the other elders had to visit them because I was sentenced to my bed for a while.  It is great here!  I am happy and have my health again for the most part.  I had high fevers and an infection and didnt tell the hermana Alliaud at first so when we told her 3 days that that it had continued she wasnt too happy about that...hahah but I guess we learned from that.

Well not much because I was sick...but whatever:)
Elder  Dr. Benton took good care of me, his patient.

 I love this guy!!!  We laugh and have so much fun together,
even after he spanked me in chess a few times:)  hahah

My compy making crepes! 

He has quite a gift uh;)