Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Little Things - Week 53

This week was truly a week of miracles and it was really fun as well.  Last Monday at night we had a family night with one of our investigators, Dayana and we made tacos, sang hymns and had a blast. She was so happy and loved the night.  She also loves the church and is reading more and thinking more about it. .....

Taco night with Dayana Córdoba, our investigator

Elders Benton and Agren on cooking detail...happy happy!

Homemade tortillas

We went with Gisel and Franco who are two young kids from the ward,
brother and sister and help a ton in the lessons.

Elder Benton is the Master Chef

Everyone was happy with tacos that night!

Dayana with us and the family night!

I had a stained shirt that no matter what we did it wouldnt come out, 
so we made it a jersey for me celebration of one year, 
and as is custom we burned it!

1 year in the field!!

With the crew in the pension to celebrate this historic event!

Just having some fun and chillin with our hats.  

Really we switched for the photos!  

Haha, love this elder!!

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