Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, October 27, 2014

River (Utes) vs. Boca (BYU) week 11

There are two teams in Argentina that are really popular and they are named River and Boca.  It just so happens that the colors of River are red, black, and white and the colors of Boca are white, blue and gold :)  Sound familiar? I thought that was really funny.  In almost every lesson someone asks what team we are, River or Boca and yeah its just fun. More problems with our bikes... Elder Aquino broke his in half...so now we are walking in over 100 degree weather every day and it is killer and it is literally like our skin is leaking, as Grandpa Charles would say!

My companero caught a bird just outside of the pension...Lesson: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...It's better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing. In other words be happy with what you have or where you are!

It's a Party! But not all fun and games, This week we did service by building part of a concrete wall and making the concrete mix called mezcla.

This week I got really sick on Thursday and Friday throwing up with pains in my back and in my head.  I was assigned to only drink Gatorade

 The funny thing is it happened to my companion Elder Nygaard at the same time.
Flu for Two! We built clay models, and had to rest. A couple of Greenies?

 I felt horrible because I knew that I had to get out and work but I didn't feel well enough.  
I felt like I wasnt doing my job, but then Elder Nygaard told me this, "Don't try to be the Hero.  
The Spirit converts people and he can't if you aren't well.  If you need to rest, then rest don't kill yourself because you will only make it worse."  So I rested and now I am back on my feet and feel so much better. I'm ready to get back to work!

Wow, my first transfer is almost done!!  I am setting goals for myself, read the book of Mormon in Spanish and prepare for everything I need in the future. Lastly I gave my first talk in Spanish in the ward and I talked about enduring to the end.   I also played a special musical number, and the spirit was so strong.  I wasnt nervous for either of the things and I know that this gospel is true. I love it with all my heart!! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finally Here in Argentina!!! (Weeks 7-10)

Here in front of the Buenos Aries Temple
The Cordoba Temple is to be finished in April of 2015!

 Mission President Ruben V. Alliaud and wife Fabiana. 
President has a voice just like a Spanish radio host.  
It is pretty awesome and his wife is wonderful.

Elder George and 1st Companion in Argentina - Elder Aquino from Paraguay
 Please note the fine craftmanship of the bookcase...

 I share a room with two other elders named Elder Nygaar, and Elder Souza

Home Sweet Home!
My address for letters it is just the mission home address
which is just up at the top right of the blog. 

 My first area is called La Rioja and it is honestly the hottest area ever!!  
It is like 110 degrees today, and it is so much different than Utah.

 I love Elder Aquino, but there is one problem....he doesn´t speak any English!!!!
I understand a lot and am able to speak to people, but I still feel lost a lot of the time.

If you want to know why I am so excited to preach this gospel 
and why so many are, go back on lds.org and listen to Elder Bednar's talk 
from this General Conference October 2014

My older brother sent me a wonderful quote that I love that said, 
Dont count the days, make the days count!

We have fun and things are crazy here.

My area Universidad, is very large and Elder Aquino and I were about 3 miles from our house contacting and teaching when I stood up on my bike to get up a hill and crack.  
My right pedal snapped off of the bike.  

Cacoa, or Chocolate Milk is heavenly.  I am allergic to it, but I cant help it!  
So so yummy, much more tasty than Matte.

 It was 9pm we had to be home, I am missing a pedal, have a flat tire, and we are over 30 minutes walking distance from home.  Well, I looked down thought lets go, and I rode the bike.  Elder Aquino would push me and then I would go pedaling, I don’t know how in the dark with a flat tire in the front.  We laughed so hard the entire way home, and one woman that saw us burst out laughing in the middle of the street.  We made it home in....10 minutes!!  Haha, it was so much fun too! 

Donkey without Shrek...

There are little sweet shops called Kioscos everywhere. 
Alforjores are so yummy!  
There is this type of cookie with a chocolate dipped dulce de leche on top, 
and it will definitely be the reason that I come home overweight if I do...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life in the MTC - Provo Utah (Weeks 1-6)

Welcome to the blog we have started to upload the photos
and short notes sent home by Elder Daniel George.
He has arrived safely in Cordoba and is already swept up in 
the life of missionary work. He let us know that the language barrier
is going to be a bit of a struggle for awhile, although he already 
understands and is able to say quite a bit to those he 
comes in contact with.  He is grateful for your love and support.
We will do our best to keep this updated
so you can see how he is doing!
-The George Family

"Therefore let thy light so shine before this people,
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
3 Nephi 12:16
See you in 2 years compadres!

"But purify your hearts before me; and then go ye into all the world, and preach
my gospel unto every creature who has not received it..." D&C 112:28

Study time!

Selfies... Maybe not such a good idea!

Housing on west campus was awesome! It beats the actual
MTC campus in all aspects! No bunk beds!

One of his best friends, Elder Tyler Wilson, with Daniel in the MTC

Cordoba, here we come!

Here's the mail, it never fails!

MTC Food? Nope not on West Campus!
Daniel bumped into one of his Young Men leaders, Derek Denney,
 at the airport in Salt Lake City on the way to Argentina.