Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, September 28, 2015

Love God, others, and yourself! - Week 59

I feel like I have been here for such a short time, and I prefer to think that way too.  I also had a chance to work in the zone leaders area of Uritorco with Elder Poma, and we contacted and found many people to teach.  So I am working, being better and loving the mission.  I wanted to share something that a member shared with me after lunch.  He said what are the two great commandments.  Love God with all thy heart, might, mind strength, and then the next is love thy neighbro...AS thyself. That would mean that part of the commandments is to love ourselves.  

He said if we dont love our own selves how are we supposed to love others.  We cant give to others what we dont have.  Then he introduced three points to loving ourselves.  He said first we need to accept ourselves as we are.  We need to accept our weaknesses, talents and work on them. Next, we must nourish ourselves, spiritually, physically, mentally, intellectually, etc.  and then The last point, we must give of ourselves to others. 
If we do all these things then we actually have something of worth to share and Christ can help us each step of the way.

Happy birthday to Elder Valadez, he is from Mexico and we got here at the same time in the mission!  He is a great elder and I love him!

Zone Meeting after our interchanges, to share our experiences.

Using the Kirstin Kaka recipe to gain the hearts of the members...
through their stomaches;)  

Real Tasty!

Getting the pension decorations by eating ice cream

See how we get to the pension, through the garage of the Spitale's house

A few street pics just to show you a little more of the area here, 
this is pretty close to the pension

Monday, September 21, 2015

Who's on the Lord Side Who? - Week 58

No one forget that General Conference is in two weeks, so I challenge you all to write down questions that you have for our Heavenly Father, and I promise that they will be answered in the sessions, if you have a willing heart, and sharp ears.  More than that my friends I have been thinking of several things, like if we truly love someone, then we will invite them to change the things that are not in accordance with our Heavenly Fathers commandments, not by yelling or by a scowly face, but with a sincere heart and desire to be with them. That makes me think of the leaders of the book of Mormon, all of the leaders that served loved others and tried to help them change and come closer to God, didnt look for riches, or recognition, but only to please God.  The wicked Kings turned their people into wicked, lustful, and proud people, so we are able to see the affect that our leaders have on us.  So be careful who you follow!

Nutella en Argentina!!

my classic breakfast

Elder Unck was a little tired

I found a place for my pins to go!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Adversity, Obedience, Prosperity - Week 57

I received a letter from a dear friend Kim Horner this week and when I read it tears came to my eyes that a thing that I had sent to him had helped him in the moment that he needed it.  I had no idea, but I realized that many times we feel influences, or the Spirit, and ideas to do little things that are good not really thinking about it, and in the end those things have a big impact on someone.  So say good things, and you never know who or how you will help.

Trek 2013 - Daniel with his Young Men's leader and good friend, Kim Horner. Hey mom, could you let Kim know that I got his letter and it helped me a lot!
Let him know that I love him and give him a big hug from me!!

Not many pictures this week but we did have ice cream with chocolate chip cookies!!

A quick update on the mission work going on here in Alto Alberdi, we are working so hard with the members, always having them in appointments and making sure that the spirit is there.  I love having members in our lessons because they make such a big difference and can help the people investigating the church feel the spirit strongly, and help them feel comfortable.  

Monday, September 7, 2015

Brothers and Sisters of God - Week 56

Thanks to my good friend Seth's mom (Mama Crofts) for the package! It's always good to get a little love from home. I especially love the blue tie! Favorite!!!
This week I have focused on truly seeing my brothers and sisters. Through consistent prayer I have been able to change my natural eyes and the Lord has helped me to see with the eyes of a missionary, not a man.  I see families and people not as they are but as they can be.  Alone this would never be possible, but in the end my testimony is this, The gospel changes lives. It has changed my life and I am here to share it to help others.  I don't convert or change the people, I just open my mouth and share what I know.  I love it.  Elder George

The package from Mama Crofts coming in!!

Twinkies! Still good after a month...or maybe even a year!

My special tie from Mama Crofts!!  How did you know my favorite color was blue! 

An animal that is characteristic of our area. 
There are a few that always yelp behind our pension, for hours!!