Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, September 14, 2015

Adversity, Obedience, Prosperity - Week 57

I received a letter from a dear friend Kim Horner this week and when I read it tears came to my eyes that a thing that I had sent to him had helped him in the moment that he needed it.  I had no idea, but I realized that many times we feel influences, or the Spirit, and ideas to do little things that are good not really thinking about it, and in the end those things have a big impact on someone.  So say good things, and you never know who or how you will help.

Trek 2013 - Daniel with his Young Men's leader and good friend, Kim Horner. Hey mom, could you let Kim know that I got his letter and it helped me a lot!
Let him know that I love him and give him a big hug from me!!

Not many pictures this week but we did have ice cream with chocolate chip cookies!!

A quick update on the mission work going on here in Alto Alberdi, we are working so hard with the members, always having them in appointments and making sure that the spirit is there.  I love having members in our lessons because they make such a big difference and can help the people investigating the church feel the spirit strongly, and help them feel comfortable.  

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