Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, September 21, 2015

Who's on the Lord Side Who? - Week 58

No one forget that General Conference is in two weeks, so I challenge you all to write down questions that you have for our Heavenly Father, and I promise that they will be answered in the sessions, if you have a willing heart, and sharp ears.  More than that my friends I have been thinking of several things, like if we truly love someone, then we will invite them to change the things that are not in accordance with our Heavenly Fathers commandments, not by yelling or by a scowly face, but with a sincere heart and desire to be with them. That makes me think of the leaders of the book of Mormon, all of the leaders that served loved others and tried to help them change and come closer to God, didnt look for riches, or recognition, but only to please God.  The wicked Kings turned their people into wicked, lustful, and proud people, so we are able to see the affect that our leaders have on us.  So be careful who you follow!

Nutella en Argentina!!

my classic breakfast

Elder Unck was a little tired

I found a place for my pins to go!! 

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