Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, September 28, 2015

Love God, others, and yourself! - Week 59

I feel like I have been here for such a short time, and I prefer to think that way too.  I also had a chance to work in the zone leaders area of Uritorco with Elder Poma, and we contacted and found many people to teach.  So I am working, being better and loving the mission.  I wanted to share something that a member shared with me after lunch.  He said what are the two great commandments.  Love God with all thy heart, might, mind strength, and then the next is love thy neighbro...AS thyself. That would mean that part of the commandments is to love ourselves.  

He said if we dont love our own selves how are we supposed to love others.  We cant give to others what we dont have.  Then he introduced three points to loving ourselves.  He said first we need to accept ourselves as we are.  We need to accept our weaknesses, talents and work on them. Next, we must nourish ourselves, spiritually, physically, mentally, intellectually, etc.  and then The last point, we must give of ourselves to others. 
If we do all these things then we actually have something of worth to share and Christ can help us each step of the way.

Happy birthday to Elder Valadez, he is from Mexico and we got here at the same time in the mission!  He is a great elder and I love him!

Zone Meeting after our interchanges, to share our experiences.

Using the Kirstin Kaka recipe to gain the hearts of the members...
through their stomaches;)  

Real Tasty!

Getting the pension decorations by eating ice cream

See how we get to the pension, through the garage of the Spitale's house

A few street pics just to show you a little more of the area here, 
this is pretty close to the pension

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