Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, June 27, 2016

Serving is the greatest gift and Sealed for Time and all Eternity - Week 98 and 99 -June 27th - July 4th

 Today the 28 is the last week of my beloved President Alliaud.  I can not describe how grateful I am to him for all that he has done to serve, and love me.  Really mission presidents are called by revelation and we are called where we will touch peoples lives and be touched by those around us.  I know that I was called here so that Presidente Alliaud could help me to grow my testimony and trust more fully in my Savior and Father in Heaven.  I see him as another father and wish him the best in his return to ¨normal life¨ I have loved being a soldier under his charge and under the charge of the Lord, and here I go starting my last month to do all I can.  I love you all, and wish you the best!!  Elder George

I see him as another father and wish him
the best in his return to ¨normal life¨

21 months ago... just turned 18

Elder Toledo and I were able to attend the temple with Jorgelina and José 

It was a great day for us as we got to come full circle...We were the 2 elders
that taught and baptized them and were the witnesses in the sealing!! 
What a beautiful thing for me here!!

Hahahahahahahaha, guess who caught the bouquet,
or whatever that flower thing is called!!! 

On our little trip to La Calera to receive the package!

We ate lunch with this fam and there is the hermana Montenegro
with the package safely delivered!!

Our zone here Sierras!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

USA and Fútbol! Fathers, always there even when we dont see - Week 96 &97 - June 13 and 20th

SO with the conference with President on Monday it was their saying goodbye conference, and he had a slide show that said that he wants us to plan for our lives, missions, exercises, diets, everything.  He wants us to be teachable and accept changes of leaders like a new president in the mission.  It was really powerful and at the end the entire mission knelt in prayer while President Alliaud offered the last prayer.  It was so powerful that I dont want to quote it, but the love that I felt and the tears in the room were many.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful President that has changed my life and my vision.  Thanks President Alliaud for following the Lord.  Also he taught us how to make a good Mate, and told us the story of how he and Hermana Alliaud met and got engaged.  We were all dying, President has a presence and an ability to make others laugh and feel comfortable.  Such a fun conference.

President Alliaud playing soccer for one last time.

Last selfie with President and Sister Alliaud

Elder Mangum is on his way home to Texas and here I am
with my new companion, Elder Parada, de Colombia.

I'm 20!

Our chiken with fries, Birthday celebration

We reached 110 baptism this month as a mission!!!

 Conference with President on Monday
it was their saying goodbye conference

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful President
that has changed my life and my vision.

Thanks President Alliaud for following the Lord.

Monday, June 6, 2016

We are more than our mistakes or imperfections - Week 95

We had another awesome baptism this week, de Leo Ojeda!  He is a ten year old and Cuki´s cousin!  ES UN CAPO EL CHICO ESE!!
Also I want to remind you that you are all royalty.  We are all royalty.  We are more than what we think, and of course are much more than our mistakes or imperfections.  Never forget that Christs love is perfect, not us;)

This is Leo with his family and everyone, his mom,
brother, aunt and his brothers girlfriend
Elders  Hunt, George, Leo, his cousin Cuki, Mangum and Kelly.

Here are some pics of the mountains and the area where I work

As well with a little Gaucho!!

I want you all to remember that if you want to fill holes
in the bottom of your shoes, just forget it!  Hahah, it doesnt work;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gringos on the Court - Week 94

I wanted to tell you a little about the baptism of Mica and Mili.  There we were, with our clothes ready, font filled, everything and the baptism was at 6...6 came around and no sign of them.  There invited friends showed up but still no Mica and Mili, we started calling and looking and luckily they messaged us and said, we had a problem but now are on our way; however, Milagros the younger didn’t want to be baptized.  We went with faith, the two of us got dressed in our white clothes and it turns out that she wanted to, but was just a little nervous.  So in the end both were baptized in a beautiful service with great cookies afterward, and were confirmed on the weekend.  So happy and proud of them.  I love being a missionary.

The Baptsim of Mica and Milli

Family and friends

Beautiful service! So proud of them!!!

Selfie with Elders Kelly and  Mangum

The 25th was Independence Day here in Argentina and they all eat Locro, We also played a few sport activities and so we got our gringo missionary team and played soccer against Latinos.  Believe it or not, we won a few games, but they mostly took us down, until we brought out the basketball and said, our turn!!  Gringo Team for life, and let’s just say that it was good to play our native game and that we took the championship in our white shirts and ties.