Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, March 30, 2015

Because He Lives - Week 33

..This week was a wonderful one as always, and that is because i am trying to look only at the positive things that happen. Of course there will always be minor set backs but hey, there are always blessings in disguise and wonderful things that happen every week.
The Church shared a message about Jesus Christ and thanks to him, we can all Live again. If you haven't seen the video titled "Because He Lives" look it up and share it with a friend or loved one. It touches the hearts of everyone!

                               Because He Lives - Easter 2015

Service project for our land owners moving all that junk in the rain.

We were soaked!!

We road on the back of the truck afterward in the rain and everything....it was freezing!!

We ate an asado with the family from peru afterward and it was delicious!!

On to the next service project...not in the rain!

Cutting the lawn with Elder Toledo 

Good thing I got plenty of practice at home with the trimmer!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Answer is the Book of Mormon - Week 32

 I love the Book of Mormon, El Libro de Mormón, O Livro de Mormon, in whatever language because it IS TRUE, and changing the lives of all those that read it.  I testify of that because it changed mine and the lives of my family members.  Oh and you are probably wondering in what language O Livro de Mormon is in.  If you didn't already know it is in Portuguese....which I am learning right now!!!  So I have the opportunity of learning 2 languages here in Argentina!!  

Package from Mama Crofts!  So grateful it was so sweet!! 
Enough Elder George to go around....
We had a baptism this week!! 
The Family Loza
  Jorgelina is dynamite with a great faith in the Lord. 
Yay!!!  Baptism!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Don't be Afraid - Week 31

..This week was a wonderful one learning more about Córdoba and adjusting to the big city after being in the desert for 6 monthes.  I love working with another Elder Toledo.  He is so new to the mission but has a fire and desire to do what is right and to help the people come to the truth of the restored gospel.  He is still learning, but hey I am as well so we are learning together and we will be learning how to be better our entire missions. ...

In front of the Cordoba temple.  It is almost ready!

My new companion Elder Toledo and President Alliaud

With both Elders Toledo from Chile

The missionaries cant go to the temple dedication, but I think
I have a chance to go to the show the day before because it is in my area.

So lucky to be here at this time! 

  The temple is changing the mission and hearts are opening to the gospel!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I see La Rioja waving goodbye... - Week 30

    This week really was a beautiful week but also a very sad week as well.  I had the last chance to walk around in La Rioja.  We had transfers this last week and I carry 6 months in La Rioja . One of the presidents assistants called for my companion and told Elder Toledo that he would be training a new elder this transfer....so that could only mean that I would be leaving.  Then Elder Souza, AP, talked to me and told me that my new companion would be Elder Toledo, from Chile as well.  I thought that was pretty funny that I would have two companions from Chile both named Elder Toledo.
    I have listened my entire life to my father saying that it was harder to leave the people from your mission, than your own family.  Well I can testify now that I have left a part of my heart in La Rioja with the Fam Florez, Luna, Diaz, Ramos, and many more families that have touched my heart and made me want to be a better missionary.  I will never forget the tears that José Luna shed when I told him that I would not be around the next day.  I was close to tears all day as I thought of my families that I might never see again and how much that I really love them....I can honestly say that I love the people of Argentina and I will never forget them.  Also I will dearly miss my companions but I know that the Lord needs us where we are to serve.

Saying goodbye to Leo and Jose Luna
The family Ramos
The family Florez
The family Florez
Luis and the family Alverez
The family Luna
The family Diaz
This is family Diaz the sister that always washed clothes, 
cooked when we needed it and everything.  She was like my momma  in this area.
Farewell -Elders Villar, Agren, George and Toledo
Thumbs up!
Goodbye to my Companion Elder Toledo #1 from Chile.
Hello to my New Companion Elder Toledo #2 from Chile. 
We're eating at a place like chuck a rama!
So I will be going from the rural desert to the big city - Chacabuco,Córdoba Capital.

Elders Toledo, Agren, Villar and me. Jorge made us neoquis!!  
We ate with hno castañares 
Just like at home...well sort of,  my Dad makes the little potato dumplings
and my mom makes the chicken and sauce. 
Saying goodbye to those in front, are all leaving for new areas.
Does anyone see a resemblance to Popeye...I'm really going to miss this guy!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Just Laugh and Keep Going - Week 29

have been thinking a lot about how we are examples of Christ and of his church, and with this we need to be an example of good in all times and all places.  Especially as a missionary we can't look upset or sad.  We are the examples of Christ and representatives sharing this glorious message of the restored and true church.  I have realized that when we are upset if we try to be happy in the end we become happy! Things are going to get better!  Hahah now don’t worry about me nothing happened that made me upset or anything it is just something that I have noticed in other missionaries and know that they just need to keep going and laugh.  I have learned to apply that practice very well here especially when our appointments fail or something discouraging happens.  Just pick a leg up slap it on down and bound bound bound and rebound!  It is the only way to be happy in this life so be Positive!!

Elder George and Elder Villar - Looks like it's red and white day..
Sorry BYU

In front of the super market here called Vea

This is what you use to drink the mate with a metal straw that keeps out the herbs. 
It is fun and a member gave it to me as a gift.

Dan's Ties....His drawers at home looked just the same

I have come to realize the importance of the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is true then the church that espouses it is true too.  We focus so much on the power of the Book of Mormon because it really is the light in the darkness that changes lives.  I testify that I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  It makes me happy and I learn so much out of it every day on how to be better and more like Christ.