Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, October 26, 2015

Bautismo!!! - Week 63

Elder Unck and I were able to chow down a few pizzas and ice cream and also enjoy the baptism of our beloved family Medina. I am so happy right now, and I am giving it all.  We are inviting so many people to read the Book of Mormon to know if it is true and to trust in the Lord.  It is really wonderful, and I realized something that lifted a bunch of stress off my shoulders.  I dont have to change these people!  It is not my job to change hearts, it is the Lords.  I only have to share my message, with the Spirit in the lesson and then invite them to act.  The Lord does the rest.  I love what our ward mission leader said to me the other day.  Elder George, the more we just be obedient and humble and work for the Lord, the people come.  I testified that was true because así es!

We got a little hungry so we decided to buy a Grido Pizza!   

A frozen pizza from an ice cream shop, and it was amazing!! 

Later the next day we got to cleaning the font, look at that shine...
I cleaned that while Elder Unck tackled the bathrooms

Happy Day!

Baptism of Maxi and Noelia, there we are with their scout troop
that helped them to accept the church.  

With the elders and the baptism group!!  

Monday, October 19, 2015

Getting Hitched - Week 62

Maxi and Noelia were married for this life this last Friday!  We had the opportunity to go and it was so wonderful.  So proud of them and that they can now prepare to be married for time and all eternity in the temple.  They are right on track with the baptism this Saturday!
Well a few crazy things happened this week, and the first one I was a little worried about sharing because of you Mom, but I am going to share it anyway.  Last Monday we got to the cyber cafe later because of the activity that we had as a stake, so we had to go all the way to downtown to write.  I felt afraid because it was late, and the roads had been shut down.  I didn't know why but when we left cyber....I knew...  It was the birthday of one of the soccer clubs called Talleres and they had prepped a parade, more like a riot on the very road where we were.  People came in their jerseys and everything, over 400 people, firing guns, throwing rocks through store windows, one shattered behind us and even the swat team came with their big shields.  Lets just say I was walking very quickly to get out of there. Elder Unck saw 50 pesos on the ground and was going to pick it up, but didn't because he didn't want to lose his comp, me who was cruising...don't worry they only hit elder Unck a little bit but we got out fine.

There they are recently married!!!
Signing the papers, it was much shorter than I thought it would be! 
The ceremony was only around 15 minutes.

With their family and friends, from the scout group.
That is why they were so interested in the church was from Scouts.

We decided to get in there with the photos as well.
Elder Weller and Elder 
Alfaro (Alfaro was Elder Uncks comp before me
and they were teaching the family so he got to come to the wedding too. 

Maxi, Noelia, and Nazarena

Outside of the buidlng waiting to throw some rice! Hooray!

Also during the week they cut our power...We lost light for 3 days so we had to plan and do things by candlelight, just like the very first missionaries!! 

So we studied by candlelight at night and everything. 
It was a good experience, but glad that we have light again.

We made a Kirstin Kaka in the dark anyway with the little food that we had left.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lord and His Miracles - Week 61

Many many miracles took place this week that really touched me. I had the privilege to go to the primary class focused on missionaries to talk a little to them.  I tell you, it is nothing like primary in the states.  These kids are sooo funny, and have so much energy.  One kid is dancing in the class while the other girls are fighting to read the spiritual thought, while the others are all screaming and trying to talk to us!  They were literally off the walls, but they participated well which I loved.  One kid even took off his shoe and started smelling it, then he made a face like EWWW!!  Haha, I just about died in the back there.  But in the midst of the fun and chaos there was a little girl that had just moved to the ward with her mom that has been less active.  She is 9 and said, "Elders When can I be baptized? My mom and I have been planning it!"  We had been praying that we could find more people to reach our goal this month and to help others, and when that happened I felt so strong that truly the Lord does look after us!  Her name is Huara, and will be baptized in the coming 3 weeks!  Truly a miracle.

At the activity at Park San Martin, killing it with the elders!

We were able to go to a stake activity, eat brauts, and have fun as a stake.  So many people were there and I love playing sports with everyone!!

Just chowing down some brauts, they call them chorripanes here! Yes they are very tasty.  

Those are some of the sisters from the ward, prepping up their chorripanes.

More members and there Brother Cortez cutting the bread and sausages. 
I love that man he is someone I look up to very much.

Selfies with my elders from Parque Capital, Elder Lyman from Texas,
and Elder Mancero from Ecuador 

Elder Unck wanted his own photo....yep;)

Looks like the razor got a little close this time....hahah I did it:) just for you mama

Daniel knows how much I didn't like it when his brother
Scotty was in Madagascar and buzzed his head.....
Naughty boys!  Leave your hair on your head not the floor!!!

wanted you to see the rent for the week....

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Weekend - Week 60

Well another successful transfer has gone by and I am lucky enough to be here with the great Elder Unck for 6 more weeks.  This month Maxi and Noelia get married, and the family will be baptized!!!  I am so excited for them, and so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to see them accept the gospel and see the Lord change their lives.  I know that the hand of the Lord is always in it, we as missionaries have a special privilege to watch that change.  I love that so so much!!  No hay algo mejor:)

General Conference time with the zone!!  Getting excited!!

I realized that so many of the conference talks were about keeping it simple,
trusting our Heavenly Father and Keeping His Commandments. 
The gospel is simple, IF we LIVE it, we will see the blessings.  All depends on us.  

We went to eat at McDonalds....
the lady messed up my order and gave me 40 chicken nuggets.....

Of course I had to share with the sisters, and other Elders!!  Hermana Morris from Cali and Hermana Dennis is from Alpine Utah. 

Elder Reber took some of the photos!!

A jersey from Germany that I found in a pension...
it just happened to fit me perfectly!! 

With the great Elder Valadez!!!  From Mexico

Birthday time of Hermano Lallana, and we had cake!!

This little eggie didn't come out so well...

but we ate him anyway!

The judicial building here in Cordoba!