Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weather Extremes - Week 23

So this week weather went from one extreme to the other. At the beginning of the week we had a day that rained so hard that we had to go back to the pension to dry off. Haha because after walking in the rain for 2 hours and no one allowing us to enter in their house we needed to do something to protect our copies of the Book of Mormon. Luckily Mine didn't get wet but everything else in my backpack was soaked. Later in the week we went to the other extreme with el sol or the sun. One of the Elders has an alarm clock with a thermometer so we put it outside for a little while to see... it was 115 degrees outside!

Exciting news the family Florez will be baptized this Saturday 24th. The part that is awesome is that two of the boys Gabi (12) and Alejo (8) asked me to baptize them! They even fought for a minute  about who would be baptized by Elder George. All giddy inside I told them not to worry because I could baptize them Both! So I am very excited all about that!  I have been in this area for 4.5 months so it is very possible  that I leave this week. I don't know if I will leave or stay for 6 weeks more but I can honestly testify that I love those that I have served and that I will shed some tears when I say goodbye.  

I had Jacob go through and choose 100  cards to send to me for this little guy.
His name is Leo and I gave him all the Yugioh cards!

During the week we went to the house of an investigator named Juan and helped him take apart wood pallets with our bare hands!  

It sure was an adventure the 6 of us like cave men taking apart wood and nails with only our bodies.  We sure did find some interesting ways to break off pieces...for example by dropping big rocks....can you say cavemen yep pretty much:)  

There's always one or two in every crowd....

Goodbye Elder Biggs, my back street buddy.  He goes home to Arizona.

115 degrees....Enjoy the Snow!

Thanks mom, My new Aggies Hoodie for Christmas.

The cover that I made for my journal.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Come and See - Week 22

This week was a very good one...We contacted a lot of people this week and we have 12 new investigators to teach so that is pretty awesome and the heat is just increasing, enjoy the snow while you can!

I had the privilege of going to another part of La Rioja called Aimogasta that is 2 hours away in Collectivo or bus.  I went with Elder Villar to do some baptismal interviews.

Aimogasta, with two other elders named Elder Mangum and Elder muñoz.  I love those Elders  and Elder Muñóz has a smile really really big!!

Found a cool little river

Boys will be boys...Elders can only look at the water

Happy Birthday to Elder Lima, my companion turned 22....Im feeling 22...yeah I know you all sang it in your heads, thanks Tswift!  Hahah, 

We celebrated at the house of the ward mission leader Rafael Ovejero, and the meal was amazing.  Also the cake afterwards was so rich and tasty!!  


 Sunday lunch

Good friends, good food and a guitar What more could an Elder ask for!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The New Year 2015 - Week 21

Wow It is so hard to believe that just like that, another year has flown by. Thinking back on 2014 so much has happened. Graduated from High School, went through the MTC, learned how to speak another language, it is all so crazy and I feel honestly like it was just yesterday that I was on the graduation stage pounding out the piano keys with my Jazz Band. Well those times sure were fun, but nothing is more rewarding than a mission. An opportunity to share true happiness with everyone that we talk to really is a blessing...Even though some choose not to accept it, we continue searching and working because I know that there is someone that is waiting for the truth of the gospel to come to their door.  Love you all and hope that you had a Happy New Year!!!

New Year was wonderful.  Very calm and easy because we went to the house of a member, ate and after we went outside to stand on the roof and watch the fireworks. 

They have fireworks like the little poppers but they sound like real explosives, so we were basically in a war zone for the past week with all the harsh noise but hey it was fun! 

My new companion Elder Lima is wonderful.  He treats me so well and we work and teach so well together and with a lot of unity.  He really works and shows that we can do anything as long as we trust in the Lord.

Delivering Wheel Chairs - Helping Hands

Walking in the hot sun for miles really kills ya, hey at least I am losing a little bit of weight right.:)  hahah, we have started running in the mornings as well.

Love you all and hope that you all had a Happy New Year!!  Be sure that you have written goals in a place that you will see them so that you can work to achieve them. I know I have plenty of them! :) Until next week, with much love, Elder George