Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, January 12, 2015

Come and See - Week 22

This week was a very good one...We contacted a lot of people this week and we have 12 new investigators to teach so that is pretty awesome and the heat is just increasing, enjoy the snow while you can!

I had the privilege of going to another part of La Rioja called Aimogasta that is 2 hours away in Collectivo or bus.  I went with Elder Villar to do some baptismal interviews.

Aimogasta, with two other elders named Elder Mangum and Elder muñoz.  I love those Elders  and Elder Muñóz has a smile really really big!!

Found a cool little river

Boys will be boys...Elders can only look at the water

Happy Birthday to Elder Lima, my companion turned 22....Im feeling 22...yeah I know you all sang it in your heads, thanks Tswift!  Hahah, 

We celebrated at the house of the ward mission leader Rafael Ovejero, and the meal was amazing.  Also the cake afterwards was so rich and tasty!!  


 Sunday lunch

Good friends, good food and a guitar What more could an Elder ask for!

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