Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, November 23, 2015

Suit Up, there are people waiting!! - Week 67

What a wonderful week it has been with Elder Eastman here in Las Flores.  We are working very hard to please our Father in Heaven, and He is blessing us greatly.  We know that all blessing come from the desire to work...so WE WORK!!  Elder Eastman is a fireball, seriously we laugh all the time whether about Road to El Dorado, or Spongebob, or phrases that the people use here, or mission stories, and we have the spirit and the book of mormon always present in our lessons.  Work, laughs, and I am just happy.

Me with my awesome comp!!!

Temple trip as a zone!

Eastman and I  were in an appointment with an investigator
named Laura and it started to rain really hard...
we were pretty far from the pension so she loaned us these....

....we just had to take some pics!!

Moving in to Las Flores

Around the pension...we are going to clean this up!!

We have our work cut out for us.

missing my old pension

There is an iceberg in our fridge....hahaha!

Our Zone.

Yeah and I found Mckenzie Wood, so we took a picture for you all!
(A friend of my Grandma Betty's)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Goodbye Alto Albardi - A New Beginning in Las Flores - Week 66

I was called to leave Alto Albardi and go to a new area called Las Flores.  I will miss Elder Unck and the families that I love there especially Maxi, Noelia and Naza, and the family Cortez and so many others, but hey I guess that is just life.  We work hard get comfortable where we are feel sure and then the Lord takes us and puts us somewhere else where we can grow.  I was sad to say goodbye but I am so excited for this new beginning that I have here with my new comp Elder Eastman!  He is from Draper Utah and is awesome!!  Seriously I love this elder so much, and I know that we will make an awesome team.  He has 21 monthes in the mission but we are working hard together here as the Zone Leaders.  So excited, nervous and privileged to serve others.

Last goodbye to Maxi, Noe y Naza

Saying goodbye to the old pension...it sure was beautiful.

This is Juan Carlos, he reactivated 
and then will baptize his little sister Milagros.

This is the Ward mission leader and his family. 
Family Pereyra.  It sure was fun working with them.

Maxi Noelia y Naza

Goodbye Agustin Bravo

It was so hard to say goodbye to the Cortez´s.  
I have grown to love them so much 
and will miss them more than they know.

The Spitale family, good friends of the Endrek

The family Lallana

This is the Contreras, Eduardo and Mari they are a riot!!  So funny!!!

My new comp. Elder Eastman. He is from  Draper Utah, has been out 21 months!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Scavenger Hunt for Happiness - Week 65

      It is humid and really sweat is a natural part of the missionary work, pero bueno.  It also rains often and the wind helps a lot as well.  This is the last week of the transfer so I will be letting you all know what happens with Elder Unck and I next Monday.
      We played Paintball for P-day and it was a blast.  You really feel like you are in a war out there.  Its like us in the real life.  There are always obstacles and a veces others can hurt us.  All we have to do is get to safe ground or holy places to regroup, rest up and keep on going regardless of the pain.
      Oh and something funny, we were contacting a house and a dog came up and seemed to like Elder Unck, but we kept talking and then I heard Elder Unck yell, OH NO!!  The dog must have liked Elder Uncks shoes because he used them as a fire hydrant. I couldn't stop laughing, even though Elder Unck wasn't very pleased.

In front of a Cathedral in Centro

P-Day with the West Zone

Today we played paintball and it was crazy!!!  Hahah, I forgot how
much it hurt and I decided to be rambo and ran outside our base to attack.
I started firing only to realize that I was surrounded.   

I started firing only to realize that I was surrounded.   
Woops, rookie mistake there.  Lets just say that they got me good.

Paintball, allí with Elder Lakey!!  I love this kid!!

After the war, we both survived....well Elder Unck more or less, más o menos.
Whats a war without a few battle scars.  I don't have any, this is on Elder Unck!! 
Poor guy, what a trooper, he fought till the very last paintball.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Book of Mormon - Week 64

Another incredible week here on the other side of the world.  I can not believe how the time goes and all that happens in such short amounts of time.  But I am doing very well!!  This week we had several conferences and wonderful meetings, a baptism, and some funny things as well. The piano broke and we were unable to use it, so we decided to find out why ourselves because they were taking a lot of time.  So we opened her up looked in found a burnt fuse and changed it out.  The funny thing is that so many missionaries and members were amazed that we could do that.  Haha thanks for teaching us since we were young to do that!
I wanted to invite you all to do what we are doing here. Read the entire book of Mormon before next general conference. It is amazing what the book of Mormon does.  We as missionaries have to read before the end of the year.  Write your testimony in one and give it to a family of friends that aren't members.  And choose your hero in the Book of Mormon....or heroes if you would like;)  I know that the Book is true.  I feel so at peace and happy when I read it, and I know that all can feel that as well!

In the big activity with the stake I met this young fella
and we played soccer together...he won;)
he is an awesome kid and so much fun

Our Pday in La calera which is like a wild reserve area. 

 Our zone played football, frisbee, ate an asado, and had a blast!  T

He thought that he had lost his memory card in the grass....
but he just forgot that he put it somewhere else!  Haha, silly elder Unck!

We found a bridge and decided....hey picture time!!

Look we found a dam as well, 

so as you know we decided to go and take some photos over there  too! 

Elder Unck and the sisters wanted to go exploring so I had to go along too;)  haha

More of the reservoir

We were passing a tree and Hermana Morris said that sure would be
great for a picture....and it really was!!

Huara and Nazarena!

the Ravines family and Huara with her Mom Silvana, and little sister Xiomara!