Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, November 9, 2015

Scavenger Hunt for Happiness - Week 65

      It is humid and really sweat is a natural part of the missionary work, pero bueno.  It also rains often and the wind helps a lot as well.  This is the last week of the transfer so I will be letting you all know what happens with Elder Unck and I next Monday.
      We played Paintball for P-day and it was a blast.  You really feel like you are in a war out there.  Its like us in the real life.  There are always obstacles and a veces others can hurt us.  All we have to do is get to safe ground or holy places to regroup, rest up and keep on going regardless of the pain.
      Oh and something funny, we were contacting a house and a dog came up and seemed to like Elder Unck, but we kept talking and then I heard Elder Unck yell, OH NO!!  The dog must have liked Elder Uncks shoes because he used them as a fire hydrant. I couldn't stop laughing, even though Elder Unck wasn't very pleased.

In front of a Cathedral in Centro

P-Day with the West Zone

Today we played paintball and it was crazy!!!  Hahah, I forgot how
much it hurt and I decided to be rambo and ran outside our base to attack.
I started firing only to realize that I was surrounded.   

I started firing only to realize that I was surrounded.   
Woops, rookie mistake there.  Lets just say that they got me good.

Paintball, allí with Elder Lakey!!  I love this kid!!

After the war, we both survived....well Elder Unck more or less, más o menos.
Whats a war without a few battle scars.  I don't have any, this is on Elder Unck!! 
Poor guy, what a trooper, he fought till the very last paintball.

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