Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Book of Mormon - Week 64

Another incredible week here on the other side of the world.  I can not believe how the time goes and all that happens in such short amounts of time.  But I am doing very well!!  This week we had several conferences and wonderful meetings, a baptism, and some funny things as well. The piano broke and we were unable to use it, so we decided to find out why ourselves because they were taking a lot of time.  So we opened her up looked in found a burnt fuse and changed it out.  The funny thing is that so many missionaries and members were amazed that we could do that.  Haha thanks for teaching us since we were young to do that!
I wanted to invite you all to do what we are doing here. Read the entire book of Mormon before next general conference. It is amazing what the book of Mormon does.  We as missionaries have to read before the end of the year.  Write your testimony in one and give it to a family of friends that aren't members.  And choose your hero in the Book of Mormon....or heroes if you would like;)  I know that the Book is true.  I feel so at peace and happy when I read it, and I know that all can feel that as well!

In the big activity with the stake I met this young fella
and we played soccer together...he won;)
he is an awesome kid and so much fun

Our Pday in La calera which is like a wild reserve area. 

 Our zone played football, frisbee, ate an asado, and had a blast!  T

He thought that he had lost his memory card in the grass....
but he just forgot that he put it somewhere else!  Haha, silly elder Unck!

We found a bridge and decided....hey picture time!!

Look we found a dam as well, 

so as you know we decided to go and take some photos over there  too! 

Elder Unck and the sisters wanted to go exploring so I had to go along too;)  haha

More of the reservoir

We were passing a tree and Hermana Morris said that sure would be
great for a picture....and it really was!!

Huara and Nazarena!

the Ravines family and Huara with her Mom Silvana, and little sister Xiomara!

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