Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ha Resucitado, Él Vive, I know!! - Week 85

This week was sooo busy it was incredible.  We had to finalize the choir and get everything ready for Sunday the 27th or Easter and that was crazy, but more than that we also had transfers, and other activities throughout the zone.  Well, I for transfers have been sent to a different area called Villa Allende en Las Sierras.  It is outside of Capital, and is an awesome area.  Elder Mangum is my companion from Houston, Texas and he has one more transfer than I do.  So here we are, two old fellas, helping the zone, and working our little hearts out because we dont want to die without giving it our all!!  I am super excited to work with Mangum, and guess what....in the pension they have GAS!!!  I took a hot shower as soon as I got there.  It was so beautiful after 4 monthes of icy showers.

Saying goodbyes to my companion Elder Chapple and
the families here in Las Flores. 
Romero Fam

Hermana Bravo, showed so much love, and cried when
I told her I was heading out.

I've made so many new friends! The Rojas family.

Outside with the Zelada fam

the Villa family as well

On our way to choir in Alto Alberdi the three fell asleep in the back seat....Hahah

my buddy Elder Lakey cleaning up the carpet...and look!!! 
He sucked all his hair off!!!  He said that to me, it isn't just a mean joke!!

We were in charge of the Easter program, left to right,
Elders Lakey, George, Jiménez, and Tabares. Wow the microphone
people got there late, nothing was set up in time and we weren't able
to go over all the songs before the people started showing up... so we
sat there. Elders George and Lakey worrying that it wouldn't be good.
I said a prayer, Father we have put in the work, please help us
to  sing 
and play our best. The concert was INCREDIBLE!!! 

Side note about the choir, the sisters sang an accapella piece called
This is the Christ,  and I trained them on their parts.  I told them unless
I cried it wasnt worth it....I cried!!  Good work sisters!!

With Elder Lakey, my organ bud, in action!!!

Hermana Alliaud cried, and President loved the program!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Christ Lives - Week 84

Sweet Story - It has been my responsibility to find housing for Daniel at USU for fall semester. I didn't really know where to start or that I had already missed the February deadline that allows you to get into the more desirable houses and dorms. Fortunately for Dan he had a good friend Michael Bautner looking out for him.
     Michael called and let me know he was working on filling a couple of spots that were opening up and he wanted Dan and another friend Ty Poffenberger (who I did not know) to have first shot at it. He gave me all the information and within 24 hours it was all arranged. Not only will Dan be in a house with a bunch of good kids, his roommate Ty, just happens to be a friend from high school that is serving in Japan right now. He also returns in August just in time for school.
     Coincidence that it worked out so well for a couple of kids who went to serve the Lord and had to trust that things would be taken care of at home. I think not!

Daniel and Ty Poffenberger at the MTC a year and a half ago!
Ty's father mentioned that they were in the MTC together
so I went back to look at the pictures and guess who I found.

 Notice the Aggies shirt...
and how much shorter his hair is 18 months later.

P-day with Elder Price, George and Austin. 

This is the last week in the transfer, Elder Chapple is an amazing
missionary and has helped me to really give my all.  I felt that I was
working hard, but I know that the Lord sent me him, to help me be more!!  

Monday, March 14, 2016

God Always answers our prayers, In his time - Week 83

It has been an incredible week with lots of baptisms in the zone, fun, goodbyes, choir singing, adventure and pretty much everything that you can think of.
Funny Story.... You just never know what valuable things will be learned in the mission...
     "First off I have a lesson that I want you all to learn a lesson while you are in your youth and for those of you that are not in your youth you still need to learn this...never use another mans towel for the biday, the biday is the toilet without a lid that sprays to replace the use of toilet paper.  Why do I say that...because you never know that the person that you are on an exchange with has an extremely contagious itchy infection on there bumper.  Lets just say that I learned my lesson:)  hahaha nothing serious just a little itchy, but after medication everything is fine."
     On a more serious note...We had to do a lot of exchanges this week in the zone, and on one with an Elder from Bountiful Utah we started to talk more and more about our lives and our worries and I was able to talk to him about my experience and tell him about my personal life.  He looked at me and said, "Wait, wait wait, I prayed that Heavenly Father would give me a sign to not worry anymore and keep serving, and I didn't receive it in the conference, but HERE IS THAT ANSWER!!"  Then I started crying and so did he because the Spirit was so strong, and I knew that God really does answer our prayers and many times through us.  He used me to help someone else and it made me so emotional I cant describe it!  I love you all so much and know that God is preparing other ways to answer your prayers, He does exist, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and this is Their Church!

We ate ice cream, treats and a ton of stuff to say goodbye to Elder Harward

  Harward is one of my best buds.  Good luck in the 801 big guy!!  

Yazmin, or Jasmin in english, the sister of Velntina, got baptized!!! 
It was awesome.  A member from the ward Brother Zamudio baptized her,
It was the first time that he had ever baptized someone as well. 
It was a beautiful night!!

Harwards last baptism as an elder, these are the goodbye photos.

The little bolivian boys wanted a pic too, so we got photo bombed!! 

Elder Harwards family was a blast, and saying goodbye always hard!!
...yeah I will miss you buddy!!

See ya hippy boy!!!  We love you man!

I have to admit I was excited for his family to get here because
they were carrying precious goods for little Elder George which I loved!! 
Also another package arrived from Mama Crofts,
2 in one week!!!  I felt pretty great!

Man Mom!!!!!  I loved this package!!!!  WHOS A GOOD MAMA!!!!!  I LOVE YOU and the ties were gorgeous!!  Wont be trading those with anyone:)  Thanks for everything!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Taking a Step of Faith and doing our Part! Mission Life Goes On - Week - 81 & 82

This week has been absolutely crazy down here because of the weather.  In February there are many strong storms and we have had 4 this week alone.  I remember that I went to Alta Gracia, an area in the zone, to do another exchange with Elder McCleve.  Well the humidity that day went up to 100 percent....seriously.  I have never felt like it is so hot in my entire life.  You would wipe of the sweat, and nothing stopped it.  It was literally like being in the shower, and trying to work.

Adding to that we were on bikes!!  I almost don’t even know how to ride a bike it had been so long! Hahah, well I think that the Lord felt bad for the heat and so the rain came next...we had entered in a house just before the rain came down and the floods came up, however we still had to get back to the apartment.  Well we mounted our broken bikes with trash bags covering us in the heavy rain and rode...or more like drifted as in Canoe...all the way home.  I was soaked and didnt have an extra pair of pants or anything because I was on an exchange - no más.  Well needless to say, it was a soggy day for me, but McCleve and I had a lot of fun and found many people to teach.

Elder Huebsch´s new comp is Elder Toledo my son from
Chacabuco a long time ago.  He is the Chilean.  

The hippy boys bought me a tie!!!  Those devils!!

Happy valentines!

These are facturas, or in english....Delicious!!

Elders Chapple, George, Harward and Huebsch - Great friends!