Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, March 21, 2016

Christ Lives - Week 84

Sweet Story - It has been my responsibility to find housing for Daniel at USU for fall semester. I didn't really know where to start or that I had already missed the February deadline that allows you to get into the more desirable houses and dorms. Fortunately for Dan he had a good friend Michael Bautner looking out for him.
     Michael called and let me know he was working on filling a couple of spots that were opening up and he wanted Dan and another friend Ty Poffenberger (who I did not know) to have first shot at it. He gave me all the information and within 24 hours it was all arranged. Not only will Dan be in a house with a bunch of good kids, his roommate Ty, just happens to be a friend from high school that is serving in Japan right now. He also returns in August just in time for school.
     Coincidence that it worked out so well for a couple of kids who went to serve the Lord and had to trust that things would be taken care of at home. I think not!

Daniel and Ty Poffenberger at the MTC a year and a half ago!
Ty's father mentioned that they were in the MTC together
so I went back to look at the pictures and guess who I found.

 Notice the Aggies shirt...
and how much shorter his hair is 18 months later.

P-day with Elder Price, George and Austin. 

This is the last week in the transfer, Elder Chapple is an amazing
missionary and has helped me to really give my all.  I felt that I was
working hard, but I know that the Lord sent me him, to help me be more!!  

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