Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ha Resucitado, Él Vive, I know!! - Week 85

This week was sooo busy it was incredible.  We had to finalize the choir and get everything ready for Sunday the 27th or Easter and that was crazy, but more than that we also had transfers, and other activities throughout the zone.  Well, I for transfers have been sent to a different area called Villa Allende en Las Sierras.  It is outside of Capital, and is an awesome area.  Elder Mangum is my companion from Houston, Texas and he has one more transfer than I do.  So here we are, two old fellas, helping the zone, and working our little hearts out because we dont want to die without giving it our all!!  I am super excited to work with Mangum, and guess what....in the pension they have GAS!!!  I took a hot shower as soon as I got there.  It was so beautiful after 4 monthes of icy showers.

Saying goodbyes to my companion Elder Chapple and
the families here in Las Flores. 
Romero Fam

Hermana Bravo, showed so much love, and cried when
I told her I was heading out.

I've made so many new friends! The Rojas family.

Outside with the Zelada fam

the Villa family as well

On our way to choir in Alto Alberdi the three fell asleep in the back seat....Hahah

my buddy Elder Lakey cleaning up the carpet...and look!!! 
He sucked all his hair off!!!  He said that to me, it isn't just a mean joke!!

We were in charge of the Easter program, left to right,
Elders Lakey, George, Jiménez, and Tabares. Wow the microphone
people got there late, nothing was set up in time and we weren't able
to go over all the songs before the people started showing up... so we
sat there. Elders George and Lakey worrying that it wouldn't be good.
I said a prayer, Father we have put in the work, please help us
to  sing 
and play our best. The concert was INCREDIBLE!!! 

Side note about the choir, the sisters sang an accapella piece called
This is the Christ,  and I trained them on their parts.  I told them unless
I cried it wasnt worth it....I cried!!  Good work sisters!!

With Elder Lakey, my organ bud, in action!!!

Hermana Alliaud cried, and President loved the program!!!

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