Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, April 4, 2016

Bikes, Climbs, and Prophetic Messages - Week 86

Last week I was transferred just outside of the capital to the small hills of Villa Allende. Now I have been in areas that are all flat for over 19 monthes, and without a bike for over a year and a half....well here we have bikes and hills!!  Mangum and I dont really use the bikes that much, but to go to the church and get things done a little faster.  We work in an area named Los Polinesias and it is a poorer neighborhood with SOO many hills, and not little ones either.  After walking on flats for so long, I almost died on those hills and on the bike, but hey I will be okay.
One day we were riding the bikes and a car door opened without checking and almost sent my comp flying...luckily he swerved just in time!  Haha, we sure do have fun!  Elder Mangum, my comp is from Texas, he has 22 monthes in the mission and he loves basketball.  He is also really patient and calm about things which I love!  He doesn't worry just works.  He is a great Elder and we are having a lot of fun here together. More than that I love Villa Allende, I am a lot healthier now and gaining back the weight that I had lost.

Elder Mangum and me General conference with guarana,
the drink we had as a family before and ice cream!!

Around the new apartment...little house.

This is the bedroom with Elder Hunt, he wanted to pose
for the photo but I made him laugh so he couldnt.

Look a big bathroom with the shower separate!!!
How beautiful!!! That made me almost cry I was so happy.
I took a hot shower as soon as I got there.
It was so awesome after 4 monthes of icy showers.

Then the kitchen and our workout station.

This is the armor of God and means put it on!!
It is on our front door to always remind us!

My leather scripture for my quad.  The front
is one of the 2000 stripling warriors with his mom,
my favorite story in the book of Mormon. 
Be the missionary that your mom thinks you are! 

Then captain Moroni on the back, a great example
of someone
that doesn't let Satan triumph! 
Always prepared and ready to fight

 Mom and Dad had dinner with the Endrek’s and Spitale’s on Tuesday night.  It was a lot of fun!  Marcela made chicken and carne empanadas, plus facturas and they had alfajores.  All laughed and visited – they had to translate in both directions for my mom and Marcela’s sister, Maria.  My Good friend Elder Gabe Endrek will return from his mission just the week before I do.  

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