Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, April 25, 2016

Keys to the Car - Week 89

We had interviews this week with President Alliaud and we were in charge of lunch for us the APs and President.  We didn't know how far away the place was so President asked us if we wanted the keys....the keys to the car!!!  Hahah I felt like a 15 year old in drivers ed. With the keys in hand we bust out of the church to get into the car,  only problem...it was a stick....Yeah I hadn't driven a stick for 3 years and I may have stalled a few times...7 to be exact!  That was before even leaving the church!!  Hahaha after that I got it and when we had to go back to pick up the order, I was fine!!  Mangum also got a turn on the wheel and we laughed and thought...US missionaries don't know how fun this is for us after not using a car for almost 2 years.  It was scary too, but we were fine!

It has been a fun week here in Villa Allende for Elder Mangum and I

Gabriel that was baptized last week is working
like crazy and wants to baptize the entire world,
and especially his family. It is so incredible to see
how the spirit and the gospel can change people

Yep we got the keys to the car!!!  Took it out for a spin:)

Oh boy it was a stick ... which took us awhile to get :)

Picking up lunch - best time ever

The Package Came!

Scotty thought there might be some kids in Argentina
that would love these little cars as much as the kids in Madagascar!

My Scotty impersonation with sound effects and everything!

My favorite snacks - Thanks Mom and to the Spitales
for bringing them all the way from Salt Lake City!

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