Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, April 18, 2016

Take the Blame - Week 88

Well it sure has been a fun week that started with our undefeated basketball team on PDay.  No one could stop us, and it was so fun to just unwind and play an upper body sport for once instead of worrying the entire time about my feet!! (Soccer)
This week I learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes we just need to be humble and in order to forgive others we need to ask them forgiveness first.   I testify that when we humbly say we are sorry and ask forgiveness the spirit can change hearts. I love you all and pray that we can all be humble and love those around us. Then we can continue working and do our best  Love Elder George

Me and Marcos Córdoba, a youth from our ward prepping
for the mission.  Super great kid and he always helps us!! 

Pday in Rio Ceballos, we played basketball and our team went
undefeated the entire time.  In front Elder George, Elder Card, and
Elder Willis, in back Elder Burmeister, Hna McArthur and Hna Vazquez

Pics of Pday in Rio Ceballos and playing soccer.

In front of the action, I later entered in to play when
Elder Hansen got hit in the nose and it started to bleed.

The baptism of Selene