Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, March 7, 2016

Taking a Step of Faith and doing our Part! Mission Life Goes On - Week - 81 & 82

This week has been absolutely crazy down here because of the weather.  In February there are many strong storms and we have had 4 this week alone.  I remember that I went to Alta Gracia, an area in the zone, to do another exchange with Elder McCleve.  Well the humidity that day went up to 100 percent....seriously.  I have never felt like it is so hot in my entire life.  You would wipe of the sweat, and nothing stopped it.  It was literally like being in the shower, and trying to work.

Adding to that we were on bikes!!  I almost don’t even know how to ride a bike it had been so long! Hahah, well I think that the Lord felt bad for the heat and so the rain came next...we had entered in a house just before the rain came down and the floods came up, however we still had to get back to the apartment.  Well we mounted our broken bikes with trash bags covering us in the heavy rain and rode...or more like drifted as in Canoe...all the way home.  I was soaked and didnt have an extra pair of pants or anything because I was on an exchange - no más.  Well needless to say, it was a soggy day for me, but McCleve and I had a lot of fun and found many people to teach.

Elder Huebsch´s new comp is Elder Toledo my son from
Chacabuco a long time ago.  He is the Chilean.  

The hippy boys bought me a tie!!!  Those devils!!

Happy valentines!

These are facturas, or in english....Delicious!!

Elders Chapple, George, Harward and Huebsch - Great friends!

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