Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Life in the MTC - Provo Utah (Weeks 1-6)

Welcome to the blog we have started to upload the photos
and short notes sent home by Elder Daniel George.
He has arrived safely in Cordoba and is already swept up in 
the life of missionary work. He let us know that the language barrier
is going to be a bit of a struggle for awhile, although he already 
understands and is able to say quite a bit to those he 
comes in contact with.  He is grateful for your love and support.
We will do our best to keep this updated
so you can see how he is doing!
-The George Family

"Therefore let thy light so shine before this people,
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father who is in heaven."
3 Nephi 12:16
See you in 2 years compadres!

"But purify your hearts before me; and then go ye into all the world, and preach
my gospel unto every creature who has not received it..." D&C 112:28

Study time!

Selfies... Maybe not such a good idea!

Housing on west campus was awesome! It beats the actual
MTC campus in all aspects! No bunk beds!

One of his best friends, Elder Tyler Wilson, with Daniel in the MTC

Cordoba, here we come!

Here's the mail, it never fails!

MTC Food? Nope not on West Campus!
Daniel bumped into one of his Young Men leaders, Derek Denney,
 at the airport in Salt Lake City on the way to Argentina.

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