Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to do good when we are imperfect.....try! - Week 54

This week was a sad one but it was also a powerful week for me.  My time in Ward Chacabuco has come to an end and leaving was difficult.  Of course I am excited to go to a different area, but it is always hard to leave those that I had come to love so much.

Hugo and Susana, our two elderly investigators that are progressing so well love this gospel and when I said goodbye they got emotional and said thank you for your testimony and for the light you have brought into our lives.  That made me get emotional and I thought wow we just need to try our best and we can make a difference in someones life.  Really that is what the mission is all about and I love it!!  The mission is such a privilege and it changes the missionary even more than those that are taught.

I will sure miss elder Benton but I know that he will be okay and that he just needs to keep up the good work!  I love that elder and he taught me and helped me so much. Lastly I wanted to write something that affected me a lot, because in the mission many times we think that things are our fault and that even when we try our best nothing comes of it. Think of the Savior, He was the perfect missionary that did everything right and still many rejected him. His example strengthens me and I know that all we have to do, to do good is try. I testify of that. Love you all, Elder George  

Our yummy lunch that we made, or shredded chicken and 
garlic mashed potatoes, and meaty rice!

Our last district meeting 

and me with little Elder Fernandez!

Un Asado con la familia Sanchez!!  It would be our last!

More meat than you can eat!

I will sure miss elder Benton, 
I love that elder and he taught me and helped me so much.

Hugo and Susana, they cried when I gave my testimony, and gave me big hugs and kisses!  Love them, and he said that he had adopted a grandson:)

All Together
Saying goodbye, this is Cecilia Solleveld 
Saying goodbye to Dayana Córdoba our investigator that will be baptized soon
Gisel and Franco
the Flia Lamas
Saying goodbye to so many families that I have come to love.
While Elder Benton and Elder George were saying goodbye,
our families got the chance to say Hello!
He and his companion were ALWAYS doing some kind of "thumbs up" or "finger guns" in their pictures, so we thought this would be appropriate to send to them.

Love these Guys!

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