Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bring Him Home - Week 78

Our Gringo pension continues on, and we continue to kill cockroaches and to bathe ourselves with cold water, seeing as we don't have gas.  It sure is fun trying to bathe in the morning when you can only handle one arm or a leg at a time.  It is really cold, but hey y'all need to be grateful for your many blessings, one being warm water.

Sending Elder Eastman home with Elders Harward and Huebsch 

Good luck big guy!!  

What a fast week it has been as I finished my time with Elder Eastman and sent him to return to the world and continue doing wonderful things there.  You only know you love people when you say goodbye, that is how it is with the family and especially companions.  I already miss him and wish him the best. (At Eastman's Homecoming) 

I am also very excited for a new companion named Elder Chapple from Newbury Park, California.  He is an awesome missionary very humble, very spiritual, and with lots of desires to help the people and to baptize and doI have a feeling we will get along just great!  

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