Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday, and Baptism - Week 46

   This week was so awesome for me here in Argentina.  Not only did I have a fantastic birthday on the 24th with lots of treats food, and friends but I also got a face treatment with frosting and cake when they threw my head in.  That sure was a surprise but hey it was really funny!!
   The highlight was Amanda's little sister Dayana decided to be baptized as well and I had the opportunity of performing the ordinance.  I was down in the water and she was up above saying, is it cold Elder...I would say no it is warm (which it was...mostly;)  then she asked again..Is it cold, no it is warm 3 times and then finally entered and said... Burr it is cold!!  But it was a beautiful event!

Matching sweaters for my birthday week!!  We sure look good right!

2 new ties that I bought at the mall!! I love the maze looking one, it is crazy!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!  I was singing that all day in the streets to Elder Benton.  Hahah!!

With the other two elders in my district that prepared everything!!  How cool are they.  Elder Wright from Ohio and Elder Morocho from Peru!  The best!

The food!!!  So yummy!!

They threw a party for me at the Loza Families home with pizza empanadas and cake and the family Lamas came and everything!!

With my nice and special birthday cake playing piano how special but little did I know that a suprise was coming quick....


 I guess throwing the birthday boy in the cake is a special tradition.

And these guys did nothing to save me....what dedication and love right;)

My Faithful Companion

With the families and the birthday card that they prepared!

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Some special pins from soccer teams and special treats!!

The card they made for me, and the baptism of Dayana, Amandas little sister!!

Elder Agren gave me some pop rocks and when I put them in my mouth I got super happy because of the sounds and everything.  So funny!!

The baptism of Dayana, Amanda's little sister!!

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