Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, June 8, 2015

EDGE - Week 43

I have my new companion fresh from the MTC named Elder Benton.  He is from Sacramento California and he is awesome!!  He wears the prettiest purple ties I have ever seen, and works hard to learn the language.  When we are contacting he doesn't let the language stop him but contacts with me. He really makes me want to be better and is very encouraging and a light for me:)  I think of the title EDGE which is from "Silver Moccasin."  As a trainer I am to follow this acronym that is Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable.  I, in the end, am to be the companion that helps him to know how the mission works and what he should do so that he can one day do it by himself.

My young son Elder Benton from outside Sacramento California!!  
He is so awesome, and even though he is learning to speak, 
that doesn’t stop him from contacting and doing the work!  
What a champ right!  I call him Campion or champion!!

In 2011 Daniel, Harrison and Dallin attended "Silver Moccasin"
a camp to train future leaders. They look so little :)

These were their Leaders/ Trainers.... Big John Pettit, on the right became one of
Daniel's best friends. John taught him the EDGE method which Dan quotes often

 in his mission emails. EDGE is an acronym - Explain, Demonstrate, Guide and Enable. 

The Trainers goal was to make leaders out of the boys so they could be the ones to  explain, demonstrate, guide and enable the next group... notice John in the back, after teaching, he stood back and let Daniel teach the group. 

Seems just like what the trainers are doing in the mission field. 

Daniel came back with John the next year 2012 to be his assistant patrol guide.

2014 They all headed out on a new adventure to learn and train.... Love Scouting!

A package arrived from Gabe Endreks mom with candies and everything.  I went to the seventy of areas home and they had sent it with them to the country so it was awesome!!!  Also it had meet the mormons so I got to see that finally and it was AMAZING!!

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