Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, July 27, 2015

Who Are we Really? - Week 50

This week was a wonderful one in which Emanuel was baptized, and we got to celebrate José´s birthday party.  For Emanuel we had to fix the light in the baptismal font because it has been broken forever, but we didnt have a ladder to reach it so Elder Benton came up to me and said I have an idea but you have to agree to go along with it!  Haha, so I did, and it consisted of him standing on two chairs in the font and holding the table over his head, with it stretching over the wall of the baptismal font. Then I would stand on the table and fix the light...well it was crazy but it worked!  Haha, so we fixed the light and the baptism was beautiful.

Fixing the light in the baptismal font.  

We didnt have a ladder so we had to get a little creative!

...and then there was Light!

The baptism of Emanuel! 

Emanuel, Elder Benton and me. Happy Day!!!

After the baptism, the birthday of José 44! 
We ate the foot of the cow which is basically roast beef!  It is so so good!

Me with Elder Mendoza from Mexico he reminds me much
of my good buddy Paul Johnston that is serving in brazil! 
Love you buddy Paul1!

Lifting José up with only our fingers! 
He was a little afraid that we might drop him!!  Hahah

Happy Birthday José!

Some walls in the other area of my elders. 
I liked them a lot looking at them all!

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