Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, April 27, 2015

I Already Know - Week 37

Tommy is going to be baptized the 2nd of May and guess what... that is his birthday as well!!  He said to his Mom, "Mom the 2nd  we can’t have a party with friends because I am going to be baptized!" What a champ right.  I loved that and I am so excited for him and his family:)  

Tommy is such an amazing kid and such a great example to his family!

We all went to the temple open house together which was amazing!!  

   The temple really is a house of God and is ordained of Him, He can be inside the temples and the spirit is so so so strong in a temple of God.  I know that temples are needed and such a blessing to us. 

I encourage all of you to look up the temple of Cordoba to see inside and see the beauty of it all.  That spirit testifies to the hearts of all and testifies to the things that are of God.  That is how i know without a doubt that this is the church of God! 

  Cordoba Temple Open House

Beautiful sky from the roof of our pension

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