Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, May 11, 2015

We have a past, to drive us to have a better future - Week 39

      My mom was out of town for mother's day, So I had the opportunity to talk with her early in Skype on the 3rd of May.  It was great to talk to the whole family! How grateful I am, that I know that because my family is sealed in the temple that we can be together forever if we all live worthily and follow the Lord.  Stephanie put it this way... "Ohana" Nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.  We all need to live worthy and strive to not leave anyone behind, or forgotten.  I love my family and miss them so much but I keep working because I know that we will be together if I do.       
     We had a tough week finding new people to teach because no one would let us in and all said that they didn't care or called us naughty things...Hahah, but what are you going to do about that:) We were walking one day and a women called us over, well we went and she said, okay so I am a member I didn't know where the church is, and my husband wants to learn about the church....what a miracle right!  We just happened to be passing her that day:) the Lords hand!  

Wonderful Early Mothers Day Present! Elder George - happy, healthy
and loving what he's doing. It was great to hear his voice.

Happy Mother's Day!

We are on the train in Cordoba going to a place called Cosquin!! 
Me with my Comp, Elder Wood, and Elder Riquelme also from Chile

Next to a statue in Cosquin that was playing the guitar quite nicely.  
What a cool cat he was singing until the day ends and even into the cool night. 

With a crazy lady!  Looks like I forgot that I cant hug people of the opposite sex....woops!!  

If you look close you can see the tiny woodpecker!

The riverside in Cosquin rock jumping anyone?

We are kind of like river mermaids posing and trying to look our best:)

Elder Wood and I working on our poses in the river.  Make a pose last minute actions!

Just rocking our new Argentine jerseys together, with my comp Elder Toledo!!

Jungle Dan takes a look on the wild side and heads to the river:)

Looks like the Missionary Mermaids have been beached!

The reservoir, pouring out water all day long

Standing a little to close to the edge for mom!

What a view we found here, seriously it was amazing!  More to come!

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