Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas - Week 20

This was a wonderful Christmas week for me! I loved talking with my family through Skype and I am so glad you are all doing well! Hopefully you'll be able to see my Christmas message sending my love to all of you. To celebrate Christmas we did what we always do here in Argentina... EAT! We stayed out during the 24th Christmas Eve with the Familia Luna and ate Asado and a cabrito which is like a little pig! It was delicious and we were definitely stuffed like little piggies after that dinner! Then the 25th Christmas Day we went to the pension of the other Elders and ate Asado with them too. Other than that we just relaxed and rested up for the week. During siesta there is nothing going on in the streets but during Christmas morning it was like a ghost town and that is really strange. Sunday we had a Nativity Scene event with the stake choir as they sang and narrated the story Christ's birth. It was an evening full of the spirit and very beautiful. A wonderful Christmas that I got to share with my family here in Argentina!

Thanks to Brother Tanner for arranging the times for these four happy elders to Skype Home!

It's a Christmas Miracle! All in the same room, but not...One happy family skyping for the first time! So glad it worked!!!

You're always with us in spirit.....Merry Christmas

Christmas Dinner with the Familia Luna 

Me supervising haha with Jose Cooking!
Of course a delicious Asado!

Four Happy, Stuffed Hombres!

Beautiful building here in La Rioja

Never thought I'd be so happy to mop! Preparing the baptismal font

We had a Nativity Scene event in which the stake Choir sang and they narrated the story of Christs birth. I had the opportunity of playing prelude and accompanying the choir and it was an evening full of the spirit and very beautiful.  People were acting and played the parts of the shepherds, the 3 kings, Mary, Joseph and the Angels were...the missionaries in the baptismal clothing:)  haha! 

We had a baptism this last week for our friend Antonio and he is a viejo, "old man". We prepped for the baptism not knowing how we would baptize such an old man that can hardly walk.  We decided to have 2 elders in the font and a chair for him to sit on.  We carried him into the font sat him down and baptized him.  The next day he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and I was so happy!!  It is a privilege to do this work and I love being part of Gods work! 

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