Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a HOT Christmas - Week 19

It's definitely a little strange to not have snow for this time of year, instead I am wearing sun screen and burning a little bit but hey that's all good. I remember the song that Santa is using zebras now in Africa or something..well I'm pretty sure that he uses them here too! This week was a fun one for sure! I got a new companion, we are working with an old man named Antonio don Vlla who is so kind and has a wonderful testimony, he's planning to be baptized next Saturday, and the Conference of Navidad with all of the missionaries....I felt renewed and so ready to work. The Church is true, the book of Mormon is true, I have felt its spiritual influence to be true, and also the worldly evidence supports the book as well. This is the work of God and I am so blessed to be a part of it!   I love you all, Merry Christmas!
Elder Daniel George

Con Presidente, me and Elder Nygaard. Presidente is amazing!
We had the Conference of Navidad with all of the mission. 
There are about 250 missionaries in my mission and 13 zones.  It was crazy.  We had a meeting and president and his wife spoke to us, and after we ate lunch...

Lunch, an asado that was on a grill 15 feet long.  It was delicious.

My new comp is from Brazil named Elder Lima and he was in the mission a long time ago.  
He had 18 months and broke his leg and had to return home.  He healed up in 9 months and now is back in the mission.  It is funny because the people that he saw just starting the mission are finishing the mission now.  He has a wonderful testimony and spirit and I love to work with him. 

I am with Elder Igor, from Chile he is awesome.  He reminds me of Masi in dancing and everything. 

Look Santa and the elves came and everything. We had a show of talents and I got to play the piano!  Others sang, rapped, danced and it was so silly, and funny!  I love this mission.

 Later we played sports, ate cake, and opened a gift from the president and his wife. 
Ties for the elders, and scarves for the sisters.  I received a purple one that was really quite pretty!!  I love it, 
and after all that I received Christmas cards from the Breurs, Stoddards, Grandma and Grandpa Evans, a ton of Dear Elders, and a package from Kaitlin Pulver!! 
It was a wonderful day!

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