Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You Fix It! - Week 17

Presidente Alliaud always says YOU FIX IT.  I have the responsibility to pray and receive revelation for my investigators.  No one else.  I need to fix the things that I am not doing right and move on.  Continuing to try to be perfect and perfect my life!! 
I love feeling the spirit and I am so glad that I learned that it is a feeling of peace, love, joy, and confirmation that what we are doing is right. I always thought that the spirit had to be this "knowing all at once" and "a sure voice" that things are true. I am so glad that I learned that, early in my mission, so I can follow more closely the small promptings to do good and to share the gospel.

Cooking asado in the green shirt, I LOVE IT!

Found a scale and I weigh 77 kilos. 
That is 170 lbs so yes I am growing...but in a good way:) 

The Fam Ramos and Asado again!

Cleaning up the Pension outside

I bought a cup of Justice League for my pens

Sleep in heavenly peace....
e moved all the beds into one room because only one room has an air conditioner. 
We are pretty cramped in this room the four of us, but hey we are sleeping in the cool!

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