Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cabeza Huatiada - Week 27

People always ask what is the weirdest or nastiest thing that you ate on your mission.  Well in Argentina we eat basically the same in the states and nothing is weird.  Rice, potatoes, meat, more meat, some more meat, oh and don't forget MEAT!  Haha well I finally have a story of something that was crazy!  But it wasn't nasty okay.  

We were invited to go to a family dinner for a "Cabeza Huatiada" or a cooked cow head!  Hahah, yep just the head.  What they do is dig a hole light a fire in the hole and like a roast beef in the oven leave it there for a few hours.  First they put it in a special paper to keep dirt off and to keep it from burning.  Well we were at the house of the Family Florez and a man pulled up in his car and asked something that I don't think you will ever hear in the states.  He asked, "Hey did you guys order the head?"....yes...."its in the back".  Elder Agren and I laughed about that for a little while like it was a murder crime or something. 

Haha, well it was in a bag and then we took it out and removed the paper.  There it was...a cooked cow head.  Wow I was super excited!  I ate every part of the head that there was you name it.  The tongue was my favorite, but the eye cheeks and nose were pretty great too.  But hey the brain or ceso...no!  It was all gooey and yuck!  The cow head overall was a delicious treat!!!  

Guess what we had for dinner!

The thing in the bag, yes and it was the weirdest thing ever but the tastiest too!  
"Cabeza Huatiada" or cooked cow head!!

Yes a cooked cow head.  They dig a hole put it in and light a fire.  
It is basically like roast and you leave it for a few hours. 

The house of the Family Florez. They treat us so well!!!

Everyone has a fork and just digs in!  

My favorite part was the tongue and the eye and the cheeks!  

The brain....that was a little too much for me!  My companion couldn't do it.  

He couldn't bring himself to eat it, but really it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks kind of gross huh Mom:)  so so so so good!!
Seriously! This is the kid who would only eat a few things like burnt toast!
Will miracles never cease!

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