Helaman 5:12

Helaman 5:12

Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Demand more than the Lord - Week 28

... I read two talks that I really loved.  One talked about how we don't need to demand more of ourselves than the Lord.  We just need to try to be our best and if we fail, continue onward trying to do what is right and trying to be better. The other was about friends.
It said that we normally associate "friend" with everyone that we know.  But then it said that someone that is a friend makes living the gospel of Jesus Christ easier.  How lucky am I to have so many wondeful friends and examples that love the Lord and encourage me to be my best.  Never forget that being a friend is much more important than having them.  If you will be a friend, you will have them;)
Love you all and that is the challenge for all of you!  Find good friends, or write a list of the type of friend that you want to have...and be that friend!  Love Elder George

Conference with the zone.

We had a mission conference with a member of the seventy named
Walter F. Gonzalez. 
During the conference we learned a lot about the power of the
Book of Mormon, obedience vs. efficiency, and many other things.

Elder AGren is from Utah a boy from Gunnison and he is seriously so awesome!!

Service project!  Notice that Agren is doing the statue of Chaco look with the shovel.

Nuestro perrito or little dog and removing a big big tree!!

Faithful little friend and my Companion Elder Toledo

In La Rioja there is a really big festival the 13th to the 17th of February called La Chaya. It is basically a festival when people get together and throw things at each other especially flour, water, wine, eggs, whatever you can find.  

We managed to avoid being chayaed the entire time but we got invited to go and chayar one p-day with my Family the fam Florez!  We only used dirt and water but it sure was a battle of every man for himself!  It was a blast and even though I was removing dirt from my ear for 3 days, it was definitely worth it! 

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